The Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War began as a result of social, cultural, political and economic contradictions and was the biggest shock for the country, because then determines its fate.It was a confrontation between the totalitarian forces and Republicans, defend democracy, at the very time when there was a clash of communism, democracy and fascism in Europe, with the result that there was a split it.Call to help the countries that were on opposite sides of an international conflict, was the basis for the internationalization of the latter.

Thus, the Spanish Civil War - the struggle between the leftist government (with the support of the Soviet Union) and the right-wing forces (supported by Italy and Germany), which ended in approval of the fascist order in the country.

When in 1936 the elections to the parliament of Spain won the Popular Front Party, which subsequently created a republican government, right-wing forces led by Franco began preparing a coup.Soon the riots were held in the Canary Islands, Spanish Morocco and Spain.These revolts were suppressed, but Germany and Italy have provided assistance to the rebels by sending them to their so-called volunteers.

Spanish Civil War caused a high public interest around the world.First, France has supported the republican government, but soon she moved to the side of the Nazis.And in the summer of 1936. Twenty-seven countries, most of which are actually supported right-wing forces in Spain, chose a policy of "non-interference".Italy and Germany have strongly contributed to the creation of a new source of war, and the Soviet Union protested against the interference in military action in favor of the rebels.In addition, the Soviet Union, along with yet fifty three countries gave their volunteers to support Republicans.

war in Spain contributed to the signing in Berlin, the German-Italian alliance, one of the aims of which was conducting combat operations against the country, and a month later was signed "Anti-Comintern Pact" between Germany and Japan, the essence of which was in charge of the fight against communism, and in November 1937 he joined the pact Italy.

Meanwhile, near Madrid Nazis were defeated, which led to increased aid their allies.Spanish cities have suffered the bombing of German aircraft.Western countries strongly supported Franco, and in February 1939 they were proclaimed fascist order in the country.In the spring of that year, Madrid was captured by the rebels, the country collapsed.Spain, the civil war which lasted from 1936 to 1939, lost more than four hundred thousand people, destroyed almost all the major cities, roads, bridges and utilities.

Thus, the political unity of Germany, Japan and Italy changed the nature of warfare.The Spanish Civil War has evolved on the one hand, the revolutionary, the other - in a conservative, and became international.

efforts of the countries in which fascism reigned, the Spanish Republic was defeated, that was a step to the top of German World War II five months later, as these military operations were part of the plans for world domination.However, all of these events led to the conclusion of the changes during the fighting that took place since the First World War.

Summing up, it should be noted that the main problem of the last century was the problem of war and peace.In addition, the history of mankind is constantly sending the test in the form of regional confrontations.It was in the twentieth millennium these armed clashes intervened third force, which contributed to the revival of a global conflict.