Divination by burning aspen POLENOV

Terms divination by fire, the fire of aspen logs are generally similar to the terms of divination by burning birch logs.We need peace, twilight, pre-prepared logs.It is desirable that the logs have the same size and dry.Put the logs in the form of a square and a height of two or three logs.At the center of the square, place dry twigs of aspen, kindle the fire.

Think carefully about their desire to specify it, and say aloud three times.Wait until the fire breaks out, and then look closely.
If the flame is pulled up, throwing around a smooth bright glare evenly illuminating nearby space fun and crackling, you expect a stable life unchallenged.The world around us will not bring unpleasant surprises, events will develop progressively.

If the flame varies greatly, dimly lit surroundings, flames torn in different directions, you will tear contradictions, and life is a chain of failures, occasionally changing glimmer of hope for the best.Surprises will lie in wait for you at every step.Life will become eternal overcoming obstacles and solving problems.But consider whether you want a calm, serene, sad life?

If the flame is uneven, a tongue of flame torn up, and the other in the opposite directions from each other in your life there will be a radical change.First, all the events will go as you planned, then an event occurs or an event that will completely change your idea of ​​the world, of others and of himself.

Aspen - wood hesitation and doubt.And if you are in doubt whether you should move to another city or move to another job, that is to radically change your life, get help to the fire the fire of aspen wood.Fold the square of thick logs in one piece of wood, logs nastrogat of splinters, fold in the center of the square formed and bring a match or torch.

If the fire was engaged immediately discard all doubt, the changes will go in your favor, will bring many new encounters and significantly enrich your experience.If the fire flares up slowly, hesitantly, weigh everything again, and whether so you need these changes.If the fire has not erupted in general, do not risk, nothing good will come of it.

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