The ancient name of the modern world: Stanislav and Olga

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There are names, the history of which goes far back into the past.These names were previously famous, mysterious, great people.For example, the Polish name "Stanislav" and Scandinavian "Olga".How are the bearers of these names today, what to expect from them?


often unbalanced, his nerves taut as the strings.Irritating, but compliant.Responsive.Neputevyi mistakes haunt him.In his youth, amorous, but does not go beyond flirting.His weakness - beautiful women.Indecisive that conceals.He has a difficult character.

Stanislav - choleric, residing in the process of boiling.Appreciates only pleasant side of life.He needs to communicate with people.He lives a rich inner life.Do not give in to another's influence, it is often stubborn.Will - the most prominent feature of his character, but appears only in extreme cases.He is self-confident.Able to sacrifice their cherished dreams, completely surrendering to secondary pursuits.Excite, but only if it is necessary in all colors to tell about his adventures, adventures of friends, entertain the audience.Quickly react to what is happening, he likes to contradict.On failure responds calmly, not angry.But if something does not work, do not feel guilty, always guilty of somebody else.

profession chooses.It may be a great entrepreneur, businessman, farmer, a military doctor, a veterinarian.He needs to have a close contact with reality - hence the choice of the way.From a young age, Stanislav already knows what will in the future.It is not that he does not have intuition, but it assumes the character of foreboding.However, he is guided by reason bowl than a sixth sense.It has intelligence.It has a synthetic mind.It prefers to solve the problem in general, without going into details.Great speaker, which is a pleasure on occasion shine eloquence.

Stanislav owner of extraordinary power, "my wife", "my car", "my idea" and so on - his favorite sayings.Several despotic, says that everything belongs to him.Sometimes offended if someone does not understand, even though he does not even try to understand others.Morality takes for him to last place in the hierarchy of human values, but not the first.It is not very reliable in relationships with women.Easily adapts to the circumstances, but always mindful of the rules of morality and decency.

Sexuality its boundless.He is always ready to join in the connection to stifle his desire.The sexual life - a very violent and started quite early - ahead to the goal is that it often leads to psychological problems.There is a deep gulf between what he wants to do and that makes it really is.

But in general, it's cute, charming and nice person.He is sociable, cheerful and witty conversationalist.He loves to eat, entertain friends.He cares about the comfort of their own, looking for an easy and pleasant life.


independent and stubborn, Olga is always concerned about the decision of any problems.Mistress in his surroundings - "Princess."Dangerous in anger, but her personal devotion worthy of all praise.Olga does not have enough human warmth, without which there is no real happiness.Early becoming self independent.Negative attitude toward weakness, sentimental, enthusiastic expression of feelings.

adhere to strict moral standards, generally do not forgive, and always will be able to remind you of the long-standing fault.Struggling with his difficult character.Olga hard to part with that holding.Even in anger, self-controlled, but anger Olga did not need to.
supported by strong women.In friendship smooth.It prevents the display of feelings and affections, until convinced of their selflessness.Olya refers to failure quietly.Endurance and patience allow it to overcome any difficulties.In extreme situations, it works quickly and accurately.All estimates according to their own criteria.

Olga can not be influenced, it is difficult to convince to change the decision, even if it is not right.Her self-confidence bordering on arrogance, arrogance.Work for Olga - and armor, and passion, and passion.She did not agree with the prevailing opinion that a woman plays a secondary role in life.She likes the profession, requiring full commitment from the man - a doctor, nurse, politician.Olga heightened sense of responsibility, dedication.Since it is often not enough imagination and inspiration, more guidance logic.

She has a well-developed intellect.It has an analytical mind and a great reserve of energy and activity.It seems Olechka knows no fatigue.Not a day she spent in inactivity.

pretty sociable.Olga - a very powerful woman.Everyone - whether relatives or friends, not to mention her husband and children - even unwittingly, subject to its will.Light and unpredictable men Olga in his youth suffering from love.In adulthood, sex is considered a manifestation of animal instinct.This topic was never discussed.She's in perfect health, but the wrong way of life are possible liver and genitals.

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