6 ways to learn to love healthy food

You know perfectly well that it is useful to eat, but it seems tasteless to you?In no case do not force yourself to eat through force - hated food does not do you any good, only harm!

How to help yourself learn to love useful and not harmful, to change their taste habits - without an all-out "war of survival" and a serious test of willpower?And is it possible?Maybe!How to achieve this?There are many ways we offer you 6 of them.

course, not easy to change your eating habits when you get used to the harmful foods and "fast food" since high school, but never too late to try.And it is proved that it is possible to love the taste of even hated a lot of vegetables.And how to do it - read 6 Tips modern scientists:

1. reduces the level of harmful stimuli.

has long been known that the more often you eat sweet, salty and fatty foods, the greater the taste buds of your tongue get used to these strong stimuli, and the farther away, the more stimuli they need to receive the same level of satisfaction and pleasurefrom food.

That is, the habit of salty or sweet "fast food" - a pledge of your dependence on junk food, and that you need it more for fun.However, fortunately, the opposite - too true.The less similar food you eat, the less you will want it.

But the main secret of this approach - to reduce the consumption of harmful small steps, very slowly.For example, if every time before you put 3 spoons of sugar in coffee, try to reduce this number to 2 spoons, and after some time - up to one.Somewhere in a month you will notice that you get the same pleasure, but from a smaller quantity of sugar, and can even distinguish the best new taste good.

2. Try and try again!

Even if you did not grow up on a useful and healthy food, do not despair - there is always hope love her!Studies show that children who are regularly given to try little bit of everything, even what they did not like as a child, gradually became accustomed to these products and even began to love them.

Scientists say - it works with adults in the same way, even faster!Try anything once 5, you begin to realize that it's not so terrible, strange and tasteless.And sometimes if you continue to try this product, you do not understand how to love it, and begin to enjoy the new taste.

3. Mix the new with the old!

Still do not like the taste of certain vegetables or green?Try to mix them with what you like, for example, with your favorite sauces, seasonings, grated cheese, etc.

At first it just helps you disguise least favorite flavor, but very soon, after a few such meals, resourceful human brain will create positive associations with the two flavors - the fact that you are loved, and new.A otuda already at hand, and to ensure that love alone and that the sooner you get in your mouth could not.

4. Deceive your nose!

In many cases, one or the other product is like not because of its taste, but because of a certain smell, and vice versa.For example, green peppers a slightly bitter taste, but the smell sweet, so many of them have agreed.

If you want to train yourself to healthy food, learn how to "cheat" your nose odorous vegetables, herbs and other products boil, simmer, cook for a couple, all of this will weaken their natural flavor.And do not sit down to eat, where they were prepared - this is also important, as in the kitchen for a long time preserved odors.

and teach - our sense of smell is dulled in the evening, so you can try new "odorous" supplement to the usual diet for dinner.

5. Serve appetizing and beautiful!

It has been proved that the beautifully served and serves, the tastier it seems.Therefore, pay attention to the appearance of your food, if you want to call in their appetite for it.In addition, some isledovanija showed that what lies on the right side dish eaten fast, so you can shift to the right is especially useful products.

6. Pick a nice scale.

yet scientifically nobody can explain why it is so nice to us but the music (especially piano) on the background of the meal makes our food taste better or enhance its taste.Conversely, loud sounds unpleasant for us to worsen the taste of food quality.

Use this property of the brain - Pick up a nice soundtrack to your meal, and you will become more pleasant and easier to eat healthy food.