Marginal - the one who lives in the future?

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In our society, stuck negative connotation of the word "marginal".Perhaps this is due to a direct translation from the Latin, "located on the edge, on the border."He gave the word of a shade of something lumpen, virtually homeless.Marginal - is the one who is on the sidelines, not adhering to any going ahead, nor to those who seek to stop time.

That is the kind of person drops out of the ground at the moment, stereotyping of everything that is happening in the cultural and social life.

This definition may be suitable as completely uneducated, lift up people living primitive desires, and those whose works and statements through the years become something of a bible.Because at the moment they are - it's just they are.And they do not have a common position in relation to the world around.The margin is too strange, incomprehensible.They do not fit into the box, but it's scary, makes wary of this individual.

Arguing about who is a marginal, you realize that he can not be clearly defined positive or negative staining.After all, along with the homeless, drug addicts and "Gopnik" who could not adapt to society and tore his rule, including fringe may be such as Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, or Count Tolstoy.They, too, were "a people", those who lived by his own rules.

So marginal - is someone who drops out of the usual, generally accepted, of course.This state of "borderline", intermediate between the obvious and great, that will shine in the future, or between clear and unfit, indecent, that will disappear with the death of its host.

most exciting thing in the concept, the margin - is the unpredictability of further developments for any person who does not fit into the ordinary life of his contemporaries.It supports such an attitude to the world initially are not going up.So, no one and nothing can affect their further destiny.Time itself decides what to live, and what needs to sink into oblivion.

Even those who proclaim themselves the opposition, continue to think the usual criteria, obeying the norms of behavior, language, thought, finally.For marginal same can not be, by definition, the criteria by which we were able to assess his legacy.After all, he - out of time and situation.So it is very easy to take someone's quackery for innovation, and the "man of the future" considered insane.

This is the tragedy of the situation.It is very difficult dozvatsya true prophets and false prophets easily to irregular, false targets.No, there are no clear criteria, and in the arts and culture to determine the truth of a phenomenon.

Marginal - is the one who collects, accumulating especially thinking principles to be adopted in the next generations.He - a kind of yeast, which will rise a new image of humanity.What is now considered to be outside the system, tomorrow may be the dominant opinion and perception of the norm.But it can not be!

So saying, Who is the man who went from one of the world and, according to his contemporaries, not joined the other, we understand - it's marginal.Meaning of the word itself suggests that it is quite difficult indefinable phenomenon that can rightfully be assessed only by our descendants.