Early Renaissance in the history of Europe

Revival - an epoch in the history of Europe, which replaced the Middle Ages and was preceded by a new time.Historians define different borders for the period.Most often it is the beginning of the XIV - the last quarter of the XVI centuries, England and Spain - is the first decades of the XVII century.Its distinctive features are the secular nature of culture and anthropocentrism.

Each period of the Renaissance brings something different.For Protorenessans is preparing to change, still strong Romanesque and Gothic tradition.It was during this period of transition has been made to the realism and three-dimensional images.Early Renaissance was marked by attempts to come up with something new.Gradually artists go from medieval standards and is fully based on antiquity.Then there was the High Renaissance, the hallmark of which was the emergence of new monumental buildings, murals and sculptures.Completes all of the late Renaissance.

Early Renaissance refers to Italy in the period from 1420 to 1500.It was at that time the country played a leading role in the artistic life of Europe.It appears the direction of humanism.Its difference was that it was dedicated to the man and his problems.Earlier creations of masters concerned only ecclesiastical history.

believed that the foundations of humanity were laid in Florence.According to historians, the influence of the city provided a few wealthy families.For years, they just did what they were competing with each other.As a result, he won the Medici family.Its head, Cosimo de 'Medici, became the unofficial ruler of Florence.In the future it thronged to him different creators: artists, writers, sculptors, singers, musicians and so on.

With the coming to power of Cosimo de 'Medici began to change dramatically the city's architecture.Many techniques have been adopted from the Middle Ages.Master carefully studied ancient buildings, paying attention to their jewelry.In this period it was formed and rules of classical ornamentation and architecture.For the medieval buildings were the hallmark of subordinate units of the structure intuitive wizard.Early Renaissance was marked by the advent of clear geometric forms, it has become important in the proportions to see the logic and consistency.

Therefore architecture of the early Renaissance aspired to a combination of classical elements with medieval traditions.Before artists were challenged to combine them organically.They focus on the Greco-Roman monuments in an effort to create exactly the same free and vast space inside buildings.

art of the early Renaissance also has a number of features.First of all artists finally moving away from the Gothic.In their works they elevate man above everyday life.Early Renaissance was marked by an important event - the return to the ancient origins.Painters, poets, sculptors in search of ideas for his creations turn to Greek mythology and history.In a further development in the era of the visual arts, two new genre: landscape - Capturing nature and portrait - Capturing a person or group of people.