How to choose a quad bike for your child?

popularity of the sport is growing every year more and more.Innovations in technology make it possible to watch the competitions, which take place on the other side of the planet.Passion for any sport helps to improve health and to spend time with benefits.It is necessary to teach children to employment at an early age.Many parents take their child to the various sections, which in large quantities are opened not only in big cities but also in small villages.We need to instill a love of sports among children and to engage in active entertainment the whole family.

now gaining new fans quad biking.The small four-wheel car can gain greater speed.Interestingly, in this sport, a lot of children.Of course, they are not able to compete in the adult models, the distance to the steering wheel and pedals excessively large.But the main thing - is that with a large car children can not cope.More power and speed does not allow you to control the device.So what is the ATV for a child is best to choose?How to buy the right model?


important to understand that you need to buy a small size ATV for a child, it must conform to the dimensions of the body.In an awkward there is a high probability of getting into an accident.It is also necessary to familiarize the child with the correct management of the machine.Do not forget about the appropriate protection.It is advisable that parents had an idea about the management of this vehicle or child trained coach.


Before turning to specific models, you need to parse the criteria by which you should choose a quad bike for a child.If you do not adhere to the provisions described below, there is a strong likelihood of unnecessary purchase.


necessary to follow the recommendations concerning the size of the ATV, which sets the CPSC.It is necessary to choose the device corresponding to standards, otherwise the risk of getting children involved in an accident increases.Sellers will help you choose the goods for a certain age.Thus, you can choose ATVs for children from onwards.However, the smallest find the appropriate size is extremely difficult, as it will cost no less than the others, so that age ATVs do not normally acquire.


for children under 16 years are most suitable models with engine capacity of 90 cm3.They are able to cope with the management of such devices and not get an accident, as the size ATVs for older children correspond to almost an adult, and therefore all technical specifications could be coming.However, the model can not be confused.ATVs for children 12 years old on gasoline, as well as a model for 15-year-olds should have a capacity of 70 to 90 cubic meters.The child of an earlier age, namely 6-8 years, it is necessary to choose the value of 50 cm3.For younger children generally can not buy a car with an internal combustion engine.


Having examined the basic criteria (size and engine), you can proceed directly to the consideration of the ATV.The choice is always necessary to perform in the presence of a child.First, let's put it on the model and make sure there are no problems and inconveniences.Then invite him to reach all the objects that are needed to control: sitting on the ATV, the child should get to the floor of at least one leg.It is necessary for good governance.He also must be able to fully compress the brake, otherwise the increased chance of an accident.

important to remember that the safest ATVs for children on gasoline have a shape resembling a square.They are much more difficult to turn through the center of gravity.Such models need to choose children as often newcomers to crash it overturned car.Also it is necessary to stop a choice on models with wide tires for the same reason.This is one of the main indicators of security.

The next step is to test speed governors, which must be present on an ATV for kids.After all of the above is necessary to test drive.It should be noted that it is better to make both enabled and speed control is turned off.You also need to ask about the characteristics of the ATV dealer.Be sure to learn about the possibilities of the controller, which changes the parameters according to the value set for each age.With the growth and increasing evidence of skill on the device to be changed.

If you do not neglect the advice described above, the choice of the ATV for a child is not difficult.The device could be a boon for him, and skating - holiday.

Protective gear

Once was held right choice of model, you need to move on to the next step.Equipment which will protect the health of the child is necessary.However, some children do not want to wear them seeming uncomfortable helmet or other security elements.Parents often ask, "How do you get a child to do this?"In various sections or clubs with no problem.There is a rule according to which, before moving on to skating, be sure to wear protective elements.


From child is not necessary to require a high-speed drive immediately after the start of driving.He himself must gradually increase their skills and develop talent.Of course, it is necessary to help the child, that he was a good driver.But the main thing - do not overdo it, because otherwise there is the probability of failure of the trips to the ATV.It is also important to give the child get used to the car, so he understood the principles on which the driving.During the lessons, if the child does not go to the appropriate section, you can not leave it unattended.The machine is able to develop a considerable speed, falling on it can result in death.Of course the training should take place on a level site where a novice will be able to familiarize themselves with the ATV.Then you need to learn how to use the brakes himself ATV for your child, bear the weight of the body and rotate.Once it is ready, you can move on to more challenging routes.

right choice

But how do you know that it is time to buy a quad bike?Passion may soon pass, and the car costs a lot of money.How to choose the right model?

To get started is to assess whether the child is interested in ATVs and if he needed to buy a car.Often parents who are engaged in this type of skating technique believe that their children, too, should share the passion.But the one who does not want to ride, ATV use is not necessary.The main thing - the interest of the child, otherwise nothing happens.

Besides the desire, the child must have sufficient physical training.Quad bike is difficult to control.Interestingly, before classes start on this kind of technology is best to travel on an ordinary bicycle, was he more closely resembles ATV management.


Once described steps to correct selection, you can proceed to the consideration of models.Next will be discussed the best ATVs for children 12 years old on gasoline, as well as a model for other ages.

Kazuma Lacoste 110

Bright and qualitative model will appeal to every child and parent.Excellent technical characteristics allow unhindered manage it.Gasoline ATVs for children account for a great variety, but Kazuma Lacoste 110 is one of the best.After the purchase in six months there is a guarantee, which is free for the repair or replacement.Perhaps this is the best model for beginners, easy to operate and has an average performance.

Kazuma Meerkat 50cc

This ATV has a number of advantages over the others.However, the main thing is it is safe driving.It is also quite convenient, for example, the brakes are designed for children's leg.And the ability to remotely turn off helps parents control the horse.The model is more suitable for small and very inexperienced riders.

ATVs for children on a great variety of petrol.It is important to make a choice, based on the advice described in this article.There are several leading models, which have good technical performance and are safe even for inexperienced drivers.