Upper secondary education - it is it important?

On September 1, 2007 in the Russian education system began to work the bill, which introduced compulsory secondary education .This was due, primarily, to demographic disasters that befell the society in the late twentieth century.But the main purpose of the reform, though, is to raise the education of the population strips to a new, higher level.This is required by the life that now is not possible without possessing basic skills in information technology.

Russian school and still allowed the formation of three levels, including primary, basic and secondary complete general education .Only now the last stage took the form of compulsion.As with any reform, this innovation was made a part of the public hostility because compulsion always carries a tinge of coercion.Some took the new bill as a violation of the rights of the male half of the students who came to school at the age of 6.5 years and finish his already prepared for the fact that they were taken into the army.But who liked the reform, so it is a potential idlers who had the opportunity to not leave the walls of the school, even if they finished 9 classes barely.The fact that the draft law introduces a ban on leaving the students grades 10-11 on a second course of study.Teachers can now translate these students only in the evening or distance learning.

dwell on the circumstances which led the Ministry of Education of Russia to implement mandatory life secondary education.

As mentioned above, the main reason - the lack of the number of students applying for admission to a particular college.Since 1998, the number of high school graduates who received complete secondary education , wished to continue their studies at institutes and universities has been steadily declining.Forecasts that by 2010, this trend will be overcome, not justified.In the past, 2010, higher education jobs had to learn 30% fewer students than in 2006.The authority of university tainted and commercialization of higher education.To rectify the situation today may be mandatory average complete general education .And the whole question in this situation is to explain to the public, is it really so important complete secondary education .

Let's look at this problem from the standpoint of the state.It's no secret that in the Soviet times, the level of education in our country is highly quoted abroad.This is evidenced by the "brain drain" abroad.And today, when the era of information and technological progress, we can not afford to destroy those strong foundations that were laid down in domestic secondary education. And this, incidentally, is one of the few circumstances that were not destroyed in the transition period and were the subject of our pride.

skeptics ask a question, and why should secondary education those who choose blue-collar occupations.Not everyone can be scientists, they ask, and forget that today even the floors are cleaned appliances, which are used in the manufacture of high technology.And the education received in school, help the workers have the skill level that allows not to lose a job and get paid for its performance significantly higher wage.And even those who are after the 9th grade is going to go to vocational schools to obtain some sort of specialty, life in the future will cause to learn.

not it better to do everything at one time than to catch the train departed ?!Extra knowledge does not happen, and the optimal time to obtain it - this is the age of children when inquiring mind of a child is not concerned about any other life problems.