Tanning: how to apply the remedy?

Why do girls use tanning?Firstly, it allows you to quickly achieve the desired shade, it is not always possible with a natural tan.Second, instant tanning allows you to align the complexion, cover up small imperfections and give untanned skin areas of the same color as sunlight.Third, light tan hides skin imperfections, including traces of cellulite, and visually makes us slimmer.In order that the result pleased, need to know about tanning: how to apply it to the body, which means your skin fit and will quickly achieve the desired.

blond and fair-skinned women is especially difficult to get a chocolate skin color naturally.Under the influence of the sun quickly their skin reddens and then shelled.In this case, you need to use a light tan (labeled "light"), or tint means (balms, lotions and lotion).Darker colors will give an unnatural result, and then rinse with a tan will be very difficult.For owners of peach skin brown hair suit tools marked "medium".A dark-skinned girl, who want to make their skin darker, funds will be needed with the inscription ┬źdark┬╗.It should first try a small area because of the improper means of the skin may become ugly yellow.

creams give the most lasting results, but you can reach it only means putting an even layer on the body for 30 minutes daily.Mousse lighter in structure, so quickly absorbed.It can be used instead of a moisturizer after a shower.Milk or lotion is applied using cotton swabs.The most rapid means - spray tanning.It is conveniently sprayed on the body and dries in 10 minutes.Napkins-tanning give instant results, they can be carried around in a handbag.Light-skinned girls this facility is not recommended, since it is easy to be mistaken with the tone, and the unintended result will be very difficult to correct.In most cases, napkins used to separate areas of the skin, face, for example.

choose the appropriate self-tanning?How to apply every means, it is written on the package, but there are some general guidelines.Mandatory pre-preparation of the skin.She is taking a shower with the use of scrubs and washcloths.Carefully remove the dead skin particles and allow the body to dry thoroughly to evenly distribute tanning.How to apply it to the body?You should begin with the feet, gradually moving upwards.At the hairline, knees, elbows and eyebrows need fewer funds, as these areas absorb more pigments.Wash your hands after each addition tanning, otherwise the skin on the palms will be noticeably darker than the rest.For the first time is better to put the most thin layer, and the second applied when the effect is fully manifested, so you can gradually achieve the perfect shade.Do not get dressed until the vehicle is completely dry.Within four hours of the procedure, you must refrain from taking a shower and exercise.

Now you know how to choose a tan, how to apply the means to achieve the desired result, and what colors best suit your skin.