Correspondence of accounts

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Correspondence accounts in the accounting system is a specific record transactions that are interrelated and continuous, the accounts of accounting support.The relationship is achieved through the use of this procedure as a double record, that is a record of each transaction carried out on the first debit account with its simultaneous application in the second loan account.It turns out that the two accounts korrespondiruemymi formed a certain relationship, which is called the correspondence accounts.Such accounts are called offsetting.

This mapping operations in the reporting significantly increases the reliability of the accounting system.In addition to business transactions are displayed much more correct.The result is the ability to analyze all operations performed in accounting without any problems and the specialists on the basis of such a mapping operation has the ability to make the most accurate conclusions about how it conducted business enterprise.

Plan accounts accounting, as well as instructions for their use must use the organization, in addition to credit and budget, different forms of ownership, has accounted for by the method of double entry.This allows us to give account of the systemic nature of the whole, thereby providing a definite relationship between the accounts.Through correspondence accounts can control the movement and property rights, the sources of their formation, as well as find out where they come from and where directed.With their help, you can check the economic substance of transactions, the validity of their implementation.All amounts shown in the credit and debit of different accounts, so momentum should be.If the outcome is that equality is violated, it is a question of making mistakes in the information in the records, and they certainly need to identify and correct.Correct correspondence accounts - is the basis of the reliability and accuracy of accounting.

thanks for sharing information, which describes the scheme and the rules for the application of the principles of double-entry, it becomes clear how to properly use a chart of accounts.Here are recorded the most frequent operations, and described their reflection by means of correspondence accounts with a detailed description of each loan operation records of account and debit another.Correspondence accounts for each operation is described by specifying the forms of primary documentation, which is used to process the operation.Due to primary documents provide continuous and continuous reflection in the accounting of the Company.Accountants have the right to make statements to only those records that documented.Primary documents serve as the basis for the entire system of accounting records, which are carried out by the correspondence of accounts.

In every organization there are cases when you need to perform operations, documents that do not have a standard form.This suggests that the form of the document that was created by an organization approved by and enshrined in the accounting policy.In the document necessarily should be the totality of the necessary details.Federal Law "On Accounting" says that details are required: company name, title, date, number and a brief description of the operation, monetary or quantitative description of the operation, as well as the signatures of the persons responsible for the operation.

turns out that the correspondence of accounts is a prerequisite accounting.