How to make the floor in the bath right

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Construction pair consists of several stages.Adoption of bath procedures with good flooring is much nicer and more comfortable.Therefore, in the locker room do double floor, that is, first draft, and on top - is finishing the flooring.Traditionally, the Russian steam room equipped with a wooden or concrete floor.At the base of the device are always thinking about how to make the floor in the bath so that it was warm?

wooden floor

Classic wooden flooring does not lose its relevance.This material is environmentally friendly, and the wood always creates a feeling of comfort.Wood surfaces aesthetically pleasing, they are associated with stability, solidity.British scientists say that the presence of natural wood in the room - is prevention of asthma.

How to make a bath in the floor that it was the best option?One of the best decking - wooden double.In the bath mounted wooden base two types - flowing and leakproof.Leaking need all the time to dry, so more likely to use the second option.Leakproof base mounted with a slope to prevent water flow into the drain hole.In addition, they should have a rough flooring.


How to make a bath in rough sex right?In the pre-prepared concrete pillars placed logs.Support chairs made of wood, just beneath them necessarily poured concrete pad.The distance between the beams should be 60 cm. When mounting in the bath flooring flowing, the slope do not, leakproof and lay at a slant.To obtain such a bias on the bars make cuttings.Save on the beams can not be, the thickness of a lag depends on the distance between them and their quantity.In the place where there will be an oven, it is necessary to further strengthen the boards.Then stack the board, insulation and vapor barrier.After that strengthens the bars, and set on top of the finish flooring.

concrete floor bath has a disadvantage - it is cold, so it needs to be warm.First of all, you can put a concrete base layer 2 and insulation between them.The bottom layer of gravel should go.Before filling establish guiding beacons along the room.Level checks made on all fronts.Concrete solution is poured from the corner of the room.Smoothing the first batch of the solution prepared as follows.Care should be taken to avoid the wave-like move by pouring the floor.


How to make bath floor gasket?As an insulation material used concrete block, glass wool and perlite.The gasket is made from the following components: perlite (3 buckets), cement (1/2 bucket) and water (1.5 buckets).The resulting mixture was poured onto a thin layer of concrete.Such a foundation is considered to be reliable and durable.

Experts also do water heated floors.They consist of a system of pipes that are in the screed.Also make electric warm base, mounting the electrical cables.


This is an important point that you should pay particularly close attention.To do this in one of the walls of the vent, and the bottom mounted conduit of the tin or timber.At one end of the conduit leaves the roof and the second falls down.Any owner of a bath - on the condition that he erected it himself - can share information from personal experience about how to make the floor in the bath.


Wooden flooring adorns the guys - it becomes comfortable, and the body gets energy boost and prevention of health for many years.If it is taken by professionals, the floor of the bath is installed correctly.