How does thrush in infants?

Many young moms often complain to his pediatrician, that kids are constantly capricious, refuse to eat.Just after some time they have a bad white plaque in the mouth.Most of all, we have to be so-called thrush.In babies, it is a fairly common disease.In this article we consider in detail the most primary symptoms of the disease and treatment.It should be noted that the detection of the symptoms should still consult a doctor.

Thrush in infants.Primary symptoms

If one day the baby mouth you will find a white plaque, which in its consistency resembles cottage cheese, most likely as a nasty disease touched your child.Thrush in infants occurs as a result of the vigorous activity of the fungus Candida which is present from birth in their bodies.Its further development and dissemination, as a rule, is caused by a change to a more acidic environment.On the other hand, thrush in infants may appear due to the habit of constantly falling asleep with a bottle or spit up often.

hurts or not?

Many moms interested pediatrician, whether the baby is suffering from such diseases.Unfortunately, at the moment, experts can not give a precise answer.However, taking into account the refusal of food and constant whims, we can conclude that some discomfort is still the place to be.

Possible consequences

experts around the world warn that the absence of adequate, timely and most importantly, the treatment, the fungus Candida can go and on the digestive tract.As a result, the baby will be a little longer suffer, including by severe pain in the digestion of food.

Thrush in infants.Proper treatment

Primarily therapy is aimed at addressing the underlying cause of the disease, namely the fungus.In addition, you should also apply measures to counter the factors that directly contribute to the further spread of the disease throughout the body.Doctors often recommend that mothers treated daily with oral cavity baby soda solution.The fact is that the thrush in children up to a year, or more precisely the fungus can not survive in an alkaline environment.In particularly serious and even severe cases your doctor may recommend medication Antifungal action.Procedures for wiping the mouth, usually must be repeated every day just prior to feeding until the curd plaque disappears completely.In that case, if the baby is breastfed, should pay special attention to hygiene and breast, because the fungus so the easiest way to enter the body remains.Do not forget to take a shower every day, often change underwear, you can even arrange mammary glands real air baths.Be healthy!