Sequoia - a tree, the tallest in the world

This tree heard everything, but here they are able to enjoy a little.Despite the enormous popularity for several reasons it limited its spread.Sequoia - a tree that belongs to the genus pine, cypress family, subfamily sequoioideae.It consists of two types: the giant redwoods and evergreens.Both these species are growing in North America on the Pacific coast.

Scientists believe that in the distant past, this wonderful plant to colonize the entire northern hemisphere of the planet.Its modern name is not immediately received a tree: the British and the Americans were trying to perpetuate it in their characters.Then a compromise was reached: the tree it was decided to call in honor of the leader of the Cherokee Nation - Sequoyah, ironically calls his people to fight against the British and against the Americans.

Evergreen and the highest

Today, this plant grows only in a small area in Northern California and Southern Oregon, on a narrow coastal strip.Evergreen sequoia - a tree, which is the highest

existing in our time on Earth.Typically, the height ranges from 60 to 90 meters, but there are instances taller than 100 m, and one of them has reached, even 113 meters.Most of them growing in Redwood National Park, on the slopes of the mountains facing the ocean, valleys and foothills.

sequoia trunk is very thick and fibrous bark.While the plant is young, it branches out along the entire length of the barrel, but with age the lower branches are lost, and only the top formed a dense crone.The undergrowth in a forest develops poorly due to lack of lighting.Despite the fact that a mature tree gives a lot of seeds, sprouts, only a small part of them, and even this often comes very difficult - there is no sunlight.Because of this slow reproduction sequoia (heavily felled tree before) was on the verge of extinction.Today, the main locus of this amazing plant taken under protection, and their barbaric felling stopped.

Sequoia National Park

territory this vast North American reserve is the main repository of giant sequoias.This tree is considered to be the greatest living organism.In size and life expectancy equal to it in nature.The existence of giant sequoia is calculated not in tens or even hundreds of years and thousands of years - it can live up to 4,000 years.The trunk of a tree for a prolonged period grows to a height of 95 meters and a diameter grows to 10 meters and more.General Sherman - the so-called sequoia - a tree (his photo went around the world), has already lived 4,000 years and continues to grow, today it weighs 2,995,796 kilograms.

few interesting facts

tallest tree growing today is a giant stratospheric.It is located in the Redwood National Park.In 2002, its height was 112.56 meters.

The tallest tree in the world was a giant Dayervil.When he collapsed, unable to determine his height of 113.4 m., He lived about 1,600 years.

Currently 15 sequoias have a height of over 110 meters, and 47 trees have already approached around 105 m. So, perhaps, the record will be broken Dayervilya Giant.It is said that in 1912 was felled sequoia height 115.8 m. But this fact is not proved.

most volume sequoia - a tree named General Sherman.Its volume has already exceeded 1487 cubic meters.m. It is said that in 1926, cut down a tree with a volume of 1794 cubic meters.m. But the check is no longer possible.