If you really want to buy jewelry that combine modesty, beauty, tenderness, mystery and fascination, we must pay attention to cacholong.Stone property is only good and positive, so it can be worn almost all the signs of the zodiac.It is believed that its name comes from the word "rock" and "river" in the Kalmyk language, or from the Turkic "beautiful."

in India linked to milk cows sacred cacholong-stone.The properties of the mineral beneficial to physical and mental health, so wear jewelry with him could only be a very rich and influential members of the tribe.Buddhists associated with stone lotus - the symbol of innocence and purity.In Europe and Russia cacholong it became popular in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries.Then the master made from it figurines, cups, and other small crafts, but all products are so expensive that they could buy only very wealthy people.

Today, most of it in jewelry can be seen cacholong-stone.Its properties are beneficial to women, so that all young girls, pregnant

women and the ladies at the ripe age recommended to buy this beautiful and very inexpensive mineral.Jewelers prefer to straighten it in silver, so you can buy the whole set: rings, pendants, earrings.Jewelry look original and beautiful.

Talisman love - sometimes referred cacholong.Stone directs their properties to enhance the positive impact on the person.It helps women find true love, protects the family home of the intervention of bad people.In the old days a month cacholong put in the marriage bed of the newlyweds, that between them there was always understanding, and the children were born healthy and beautiful.Mineral gives strength to overcome the landlord unreasonable outbursts of anger and melancholy.Constant wearing of jewelry has a beneficial effect on visual acuity.

For pregnant women especially useful cacholong.Properties stone treatment, so the first term is recommended to wear it in your pocket, there will be no morning sickness torment.For the rest of the pregnancy should be located near the mineral belly - childbirth are light and can be avoided by Caesarean section.In order for the baby enough milk, and it was useful to be worn around the neck pendant cacholong.Prolonged gazing into stone can reduce blood pressure.At various female diseases mineral placed at the head of the patient, and she soon recovered.

difficult to find a stone tied to the owner, rather than cacholong.Catalogue jewelry allows to choose a suitable ring, necklace or bracelet that will always accompany its owner and help in difficult situations.Mineral make a person compassionate, kind and fair, but at the same time it is very sensitive to the emotional state of the host.That is why the stone can not wear dark and violent people, such qualities are sometimes manifest in Scorpio and Aries.All other marks cacholong bring luck, happiness and positive emotions.