How to become a trader from scratch?

In XXI century, and many types of investment are no longer as attractive as it once was.Now, more than ever, there was need for a new form of investment and making money.For many unexplored are the international financial markets, on the site where you can get a serious income.The participants of these are traders who trade various financial instruments in order to profit from the difference in value.But how to become a trader from scratch?

To do this, first of all, to equip your workplace with a computer or laptop, having uninterrupted access to the Internet.Some professional traders use multiple monitors to obtain information from various stock exchanges.For a comfortable and convenient trade anywhere, wherever you are, there are mobile gadgets.Suffice it to establish certain trading platforms.

is also necessary to provide access to international financial markets.To start trading you need to have access to trading platforms and register a brokerage account.

Choice brokerage

When choosing a brokerage company must take into account the value of the following factors:

  • company must have the required documents, allowing this type of activity in accordance with the laws of our country, including a license.
  • Also important is the existence of the company, its experience and opinions about her.To obtain reliable information about the broker must find the official website of the company and familiarize yourself with the conditions that it provides.
  • broker must provide access to the trading platforms for all types of financial instruments.For example, the client wants to trade currency, then the broker must provide access to the interbank foreign exchange market, while trading on a pair of gold / silver - on the spot market.
  • also important service terms are dictated by the broker.They should ensure that a low percentage for providing leverage, tight spreads, small fee for input and output operations funds.Also, the broker must provide the trading platform.

How to choose a trading platform?

First, you need to test all the proposed site for the trade.This will help a demo account with virtual funds.

All trading platforms can be combined into three groups:

  • Computer software to install later.
  • software for laptops.This version of the browser that are not necessarily installed on your PC.
  • software gadgets.It is intended primarily for tablets and smartphones.Unlike the previous ones, it is limited in its functionality.

most well-known and common trading platforms among Russian traders are QUICK, MetaTrader, Web2L, Mirror Trader, Markets Trader.

knowledge and skills

to become a trader, you must have the appropriate knowledge and skills (trading strategies).In order to work out its tactics, you need to feel the market, study all kinds of tests.Exchange trader primarily uses fundamental analysis showing the main economic and political news.And then to consider graphs using technical analysis with various computer displays.Only such knowledge, the ability to predict price dynamics allow us to understand the specificity of this sphere of activity.

But to still figure out how to become a trader from the ground, it is recommended to enroll in training courses.Professional brokers or managers will help to explore the basic terminology and practice show the most successful trading strategies.

Currency traders meant as distance learning and full-time his form.Studying at home, it is possible to get the basics treyderstva without losing too much time.But getting knowledge and information in direct communication with a specialist will allow to communicate with other beginners and professionals operating in the field, attend master classes analysts and best forex brokers.

to become a trader, you need investment.At the initial stage it is recommended to start trading on a demo account in order to understand the specific dynamics of prices, market psychology and, more importantly, do not lose their money.To understand how to become a trader from scratch and do not incur losses, you need to stick to the discipline of work.Earnings on the "Forex" - is not Russian roulette, where there is a question of luck in person, this is strictly a tactic calculated taking into account the nuances of the price movement, skills and, consequently, the discipline.

basic rules for trade

particular importance should be given to its own organization and psychological stability.This is evident in the closing position (whether positive or negative orders).When closing profitable operations may manifest greed.Then the trader "Forex", no matter what signals a reversal trend will continue to wait for more and more profits, resulting in serious losses.When closing negative positions lack of discipline, excessive experience for their money, too, can have a negative impact on the result.

Trader "Forex" - is a businessman who is the only chief in his business and himself.Therein lies the catch.Few can boast the presence of self-discipline and willpower.To avoid losing the invested funds, you need to create a trading plan, which will be registered daily income trading strategy and required to indicate stop-loss and take-profit.This will avoid making quick decisions in difficult situations and not let greed or fear to make a serious loss of income.

Beginning work on the currency market, it is necessary to take into account all possible risks.Most importantly - a clear calculation and cold reason, without emotions and ambitions.

concept trading strategy

School trader involves learning specific trading strategies.Under them understand the basic terms and conditions under which the trader to perform certain actions on the currency market.Each strategy has its own nuances and subtleties that you need to know and, more importantly, understand them.Choice is great, and the newcomer is sometimes very difficult to determine.Before you become a trader from scratch, he spends a tremendous amount of time, until it finds a suitable strategy for themselves.

Along with the concept of "strategy" and found the expression "trading system".All specific terms trader should know.Training, which takes place in person, involves analysis of the concept in practical classes.It includes a certain number of indicators, oscillators, proper methods of entry and exit from the market.Before becoming a professional trader, you need to explore these two concepts - "trading strategy" and "trading system".

basic trading strategies

They can be divided into major subtypes:

  • trend;
  • to the flat;
  • indicator;
  • bezindikatornye;
  • algorithmic.

These species are considered major, and, given their characteristics, constitute a particular strategy.

trend and to the flat can be both indicator and bezindikatornye strategy.The trend is determined in two ways.The first is based on the lines that are built directly on the chart.Second - on indicators that can detect the direction of the price movement.

Algorithmic strategies are considered universal.They can not be tied to one instrument.They work in the trend, and to the flat in tactics.

Indicator strategy

These include trading tactics using indicators.There are standard types, such as moving averages, oscillators showing the volume of transactions and participants in the market.There are also custom indicators that are being worked out by professionals.All of this must thoroughly understand the trader.Learn from qualified specialists will help all to understand.

Bezindikatornye strategy

When trading using this tactic is only required to determine the direction of price movement, respectively, for this you need trendlines that are drawn directly on the chart.They have two bases - support and resistance lines.

Before becoming a professional trader, all newcomers are learning to correctly identify the trend and build a line of its defining.Bezindikatornaya strategy is a unique and interesting theory, different techniques.They are new to treyderstve must learn to work and apply to create your own arsenal of trade.

There are variations of this strategy:

  • Trading on the penetration and rebound from the resistance line or support.
  • Trade with the figures, which are divided into pieces and continue the trend reversal.The latter include the head and shoulders, inverted head and shoulders, double bottom, double top.Trends are considered a continuation triangle, flag, pennant.
  • candlestick analysis.These may include various models of candles and combinations thereof.

best trading strategy

best traders in Russia and abroad under optimal strategy mean that which completely took rookie, I worked and tested in practice.

There are types of trade:

  • sale one day, when it is time for some operations performed;
  • short-term trading when the transaction last few days;
  • term trading when the positions can be opened and closed for a week or a month;
  • long-term trade, when there is a so-called investment in the currency of the transaction and can last for several years.

This school will help the trader to choose their own tactics of trade and possession teach basic tools present in the auction.