Mysteries of History: where were the first people

Many archeologists are looking for a place where there were the first people.The facts show that our ancestral home was Africa.The first people appeared on Earth about 165 thousand years ago.Around this age found parking ancient man.The first people could not do anything other than a gathering of food supplied in abundance Ocean.They are hard to adapt to the conditions of the jungle, armed and gradually moved inland.But if almost every stage of the development of civilization has been studied, the place where the first humans, has not been officially found.

American scientists conducted a careful analysis, concluded that South Africa was the cradle of humanity.This "black" continent has become the place where people first appeared.Stood proudly over the ocean cave Pinekl Point were inhabited by our ancestors.Until now, there lives a tribe Kung San, its inhabitants are the oldest group, which was able to survive in the modern world.From the moment when the first people at the caves Pinekl Point, and

to this day the tribe Kung san and remains in the first stage of development.The people of this tribe still engaged in hunting and gathering seafood, shellfish and algae feed on.

Many scientists argue that humankind came out of Africa, and even on the grounds that it could only survive life after the ice age.It is believed that every 20-30 thousand years on this planet comes cold snap.The planet is covered with a crust of ice, many areas become uninhabitable.The coast of Africa is able to feed a small group of people.And so it is not necessary to make any effort for the production of food.

place where there were the first people who still holds the potential to give life to the next civilization, which probably will come after us.Evidence of this are the stories of Herodotus and writing in the Indian Vedas, which tell of the existence in the past several advanced civilizations.The ruins have been found in India, show that the city was destroyed by a nuclear strike.Evidence of the existence of advanced civilizations in the past, there are many.It is believed that there was a conflict between them, which resulted in the nuclear war.Perhaps the surviving Atlanteans or Lemurians settled by the ancient Egyptians.They became gods who began to worship and offer sacrifices.

indirect evidence that ancient civilizations sought refuge in areas not contaminated with radiation, can serve as a city of Machu Picchu.Many scientists claim that it was built by the Incas, but none of them can not clearly answer the question: "How?".

illiterate Indians, who did not have even the wheel, never be able to build a great city at an altitude of 2500 meters above the ground.He has a right straight streets, houses of the nobility and even the palace.Why are families who have had a lot of land to build a shelter in the mountains - is unknown.It is believed that the city was built by an extraterrestrial civilization, but it is possible that these were the inhabitants of the lost Atlantis or Lemuria.

Descent of Man covered with mystery.Men of science can not understand the history of their countries and the origin of civilization, and all full of huge white spots.Whatever it was, the scientists manage to restore the crumbs of the events of bygone years.