Piecework pay system

usually paid for any hours worked or the number of manufactured products.However, in some industries pay more rational not to spend beyond current performance, but for the whole range of activities.In this case, the system will approach one-off payment.

essence of lump

essence of this system is that the payment is made, based on the total amount of work, regardless of the time spent on its execution time.The use of such a system is rational in construction, repair, research projects.Since piecework wage system is characterized by the time efficiency of work, it is also advisable to periodically introduce enterprises in cases where:

  • firm does not fit into the contractual deadlines of the object, in this case a breach of contract face significant fines;
  • if necessary emergency circumstances (fire, flood) that could lead to suspension of production;
  • in the case of the need to introduce new production equipment and technologies.

piecework wages provides the following mechanism for the formation of the salary fund:

  • identifies the main and auxiliary production processes;
  • calculates the required amount of work;
  • determined time for its implementation, as well as conclusions piece-rates;
  • product prices are calculated on the amount of work on the list;
  • amount determined by adding the required salary payments for each item.

Fund salary is allocated for the whole team (brigade) and distributed inside of piece-rates, fixed in the contract rates or labor force participation ratio.The method of distribution of income, the amount of payment, the list of works to the implementation and deadlines are fixed in order concluded between employees and the company-customer contracts of employment.

Types and features of

piecework pay system can be simple and premium.In the first case, the salary is calculated on a pre-established fixed rates for the executed volume, regardless of the other additional conditions and factors.In the second case may be accrued bonuses, for example, for reducing the time for saving materials for high-quality performance of particularly complex works, and so on. N.

addition, piecework pay system can be an individual, that is established for a particular employee,or collective - for the whole team (area).

In applying the method of payment Brigadier employer must provide employees a number of conditions:

  • presence of adequate amount of work prescribed in the contract;
  • necessary technical and tool support;
  • timely and adequate supply sources of energy supply (electricity and gas);
  • creating a comfortable and safe working conditions (provision of uniforms, carrying light, heat, water, respect for the rights of employees to rest and a break for lunch).

piecework pay system does not relieve the employer from the obligation to pay twice monthly salary: an advance and a final amount.Therefore, the employment contract is necessary to provide for interim payment of salary, if the manufacturing process would last more than a month.It should also be noted that in the case of the dismissal of an employee, and failure to perform the full scope of works chord cash advance is not refundable.Therefore, it is necessary to pay the salaries on the basis of dress and acceptance certificates for actually executed volumes.Remuneration System in the chord can not be less accepted in the region (or country) minimum wage.