The figure of "hourglass" Secrets of proper wardrobe

Ā«HourglassĀ» - a figure which for centuries sung by artists and poets.Therefore, we can assume that the owners of these silhouettes lucky.What features has the figure of "hourglass"?In the first place the following:

  • medium or wide shoulders and back;
  • large or average size of the breast;
  • narrow waist;
  • hip, which is almost equal to the width of the shoulders.

In the selection of clothing for the described silhouette, need to focus on emphasizing proportionality shapes and subtleties of the waist.Let's talk about specific features of the choice of trousers, dresses and skirts.

figure of "hourglass": pants

In this case, you should always remember this simple rule: "The fuller hips, the more easy to be a style of trousers."Too narrow models are best avoided because they make even wider hips.

Straight pants, tight at the waist, will be ideal for the silhouette "hourglass".The figure does not lose its dignity and slacks.But they have to encircle the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.A good supplemen

t to them would be elongated jacket cut business suits.A full stomach can be hidden by trousers with a low waist with a wide belt or insert.

Jeans should be wide and straight with classic or low waist.No worse will look and jeans-pipes.As for the models, tight-fitting belly and hips, in most cases it is better to give them.Not suited to the named type and trousers slung on the hips.

figure of "hourglass": skirt

ideal for the type of figure called variant - a pencil skirt, made of medium-density stretch.The model has a broad waist insert, underline the successful proportions of the body and trim torso.

no less harmoniously fit into the wardrobe the sun flared skirt.But better to choose models with a small waist inset that retain crisp lines of the figure.In some cases this will insert all excess.For everyday wear suitable trapezoidal model.It should be remembered that the skirt made of thick fabric, the best silhouette emphasize the advantages of "hourglass".

figure of "hourglass": Dresses

dress - is the most advantageous for the described type of clothing silhouette.Dresses for figure "hourglass" may have almost any style.Although the models differ clearly defined waist, they are an integral part of the wardrobe for the title silhouette.The first is to draw attention to a variety of dress-case with belt emphasizes the waist.

should not forget trapezoidal dresses.The top of these models can be decorated in a minimalist style, and the bottom made a skirt flared.In this case also the belt may be used.For summer dresses fit sport style.The bottom of this model can be both direct and skirt the sun.

Owners silhouette "hourglass" must replenish your wardrobe dresses in the style of new look, which in the 50s of the last century created the inimitable Christian Dior.In addition, it is worth to buy the dress with a fitted bodice, sitting down on the figure, and a fluffy skirt a little below the knee.And, of course, the model in the form of "hourglass", complemented by a belt and skirt, tapering downwards, accentuate the feminine form of the hips and waist subtlety.