Augean stables.

Perhaps there are few people who do not know the name of Hercules, which is about the adventures of one film is not removed, and drawn more than a cartoon.This hero and demi-god of Greek mythology was the son of Zeus and Alcmene, and the no less famous descendant of the hero Perseus.Even before the birth of Heracles was intended glorious path of the founder of the Olympic Games, but Hera, wife of Zeus tried to prevent it.Before the birth of the hero she made Thunderer swear that of all the descendants of Perseus chief will be the one who will be born first.

imperceptibly away for Earth, Hera did so in front of another descendant of Heracles was born Perseus named Eurystheus.Under the contract, it has received power over Eurystheus Heracles.Expanding cunning wife, Zeus, too, tried to outsmart it.He put the little Hercules near the sleeping wife, the future hero was able to take a sip from her breast milk eternity.Waking up, Hera pushed the baby, but the immortal Hercules himself had to provide.Strait of milk became the Milky Way, and another "achievement" Hercules.Zeus has not forgotten about the intrigue of Hera and took an angry goddess oath: it will free the hero when he will perform twelve tasks Eurystheus, one of which became the Augean stables.The jealous goddess made everything that the job began to Eurystheus Hercules unenforceable.It is through the efforts of these jobs turned into deeds.

reigning in Elis Augeas was a great lover of horses.His extensive stables 3,000 horses.Farming construction king, however, did not consider it necessary.Manure and other filth Augean stables were filled on the roof.Eurystheus, following the advice of Hera, Heracles gave the order to clear the stables.Goddess believes that removal of impurities accumulated during the period of thirty years, Hercules will spend eternity.However ingenious hero Augean stables are not scared.Instead, rakes, wheelbarrows and shovels "working tool" strongman was the river Alpheus.For a long time without thinking, Hercules turned the riverbed, and a powerful stream, to the great disappointment of Hera, cleared Augean stables exactly one day.The efforts of King Augeas Hercules did not appreciate.He drove the young man did not pay him a penny for his work.

¬ęCleaning" Hero expedition became a feat.Preserved in our speech and idiom "Augean stables."Idiom, which has become the catch phrase, used in his famous sayings of people.That is how the composer Mussorgsky called his desk in a letter to Vladimir Stasov.We use this phraseology and the Soviet leaders like Lenin and Kirov.

What exactly stands for the phrase "Augean stables"?The value of this idiom is not one.First of all, it represents an extremely dirty, cluttered and neglected room cleaning which will leave long hours.It is in this sense, it used the phrase Mussorgsky.Politicians, too, spoke of a mess, but not in the room, but in deeds.This was the second value of the aphorism.The saying became linguistic heritage of Ancient Greece.Using it in our speech, we seem to go back to the Hellenic times, remembering the deeds of the mighty Hercules.