Marinades for barbecue: No mayonnaise, no vinegar

Warm Company, meat flavor, a cozy campfire smoke, nature - the perfect summer vacation with a delicious barbeque and vegetable vibrant palette.Marinades and sauces for the amazing kebabs incredibly many: quite simply, did not detract from the true taste and texture of meat, complex multicomponent, fine and sharp, rich and savory.Georgian characteristic, the mysterious oriental spice, gentle, unusual.For crisp juicy wings or somewhat dry, needs to be supplemented, brisket, pork unpretentious mild stiffness beef, mutton fat severe and demanding for cooking, but an amazing game.And with all the variety of meats, methods of roasting, sauces and supplements, most prefer the traditional softening vinegar or onion - mayonnaise marinade flavored with a little seasoning typical for everyone.

good or a limited selection.Vinegar, especially if you overdo it with him, definitely kills the taste.This vinegar is suggestive, inappropriate on vacation, thinking about the freshness and quality of selected meat.Even if pork yesterday, "talking" smack vinegar make involuntarily to doubt.Mayonnaise simply banal, moreover, is not a secret that this store product decomposes when heated in the not too edible products eventually.Maybe it is time to move away from the traditional mayonnaise or acetic indispensable mitigation and move on to another delicious and varied, useful marinades, which will emphasize and complement the true flavor of the meat, its flavor, delicious texture, hardness, or repaying a note dryly.

Delicious and effective marinade does not need to be multicomponent, complex or expensive.It is available mineral water.Her bubble structure is perfectly softens and spice and flavor will add a variety of spices, herbs, if desired, and preferences.Such meat is juicy and natural, simple living, returning to the primordial element, thirst production and satisfaction of hunting.Much better, more useful, more interesting is vinegar lemon juice.It should not be used in its pure form, it is imperative to dissolve the mineral water.This marinade can be supplemented eastern sweetish note, adding a bit of citrus (orange, tangerine) juice or honey.And when frying a citrus skewers sprinkle a little grated zest.Very refined, gentle, noble turns the meat in pomegranate sauce.The sauce is simple - pomegranate juice and pulp of kiwi, which should be quite a bit less than the average of the fruit 2-2.5 kg.This marinade perfectly eliminates excessive fat content, for example, lamb or pork, and veal makes a juicy, deliciously soft, gives a subtle aroma of mixed meat ennobled.

We can not forget about the kefir - tomato tradition marinating kebabs.Kefir marinade for any meat, it is simple, but much more delicious mayonnaise.About skewers marinated in tomato juice or fresh sliced ​​tomatoes, they say that once you try, no other frills do not want to.It is noteworthy that the tomato softens the meat, but does not allow him to spread, stratify, losing shape.Obtained strong and juicy pieces with a wonderful crust and spicy aroma.From onion gruel turns sharp original marinade for him onion chopped (chopper, blender), and the meat is marinated under oppression.Extremely refined marinade with pineapple juice.In addition to the juice should be added to soy sauce, chesnochek, drop pepper or hot sauce, honey.

And, of course, not to mention alcoholic pickles, however, if the children are not planned to picnic.Alcohol is a quick marinade and sauces revives.In wine, for example, you can marinate the meat, even after freezing, it will be juicy and fresh touching.The wine marinated meat should be kept for a long time, otherwise it may turn sour.