The company "European Travel Insurance": insurance, reviews

Everyone who is planning to spend your holiday on holiday abroad, certainly thinks only about how well he will spend time and have fun.However, the reality is that sometimes life gives unexpected and very unpleasant surprises, and vacation turns into a real test.For example, on the way to the beach you have stumbled and broke a leg.In this case you need emergency medical care.But medical services to a foreign citizen is not free and there are a lot of money.Therefore sensible tourists before going "over the hill", prefer to visit a reliable insurance company and take advantage of its services offered.

ETC - insurance company

Today Russian insurance company "European Travel Insurance" - the only company specializing in the insurance of tourists.Over the years, the company managed to fall in love with her millions of devoted Russian tourists."European Travel Insurance" is one of twenty members of the so-called group of ETI.Offices of insurance companies, members of the European Travel Insurance, located in the capitals of many European countries and are successfully operating for many years.One hundred percent owner of the shares of the ETS is "Munich Re Group."Moscow insurance company "ETC" started its activities in 2006.

history of the emergence and formation of insurance company «ETC»

At the root of the emergence of "European Travel Insurance" is the idea of ​​the Hungarian Max von Engel had arisen due to one interesting incident that happened to him in 1905.One hot summer evening together with his son 15 years waiting on the station platform Lucerne train departure.Suddenly out of the chimney of the locomotive unexpectedly flew spark that fell directly on the case of Engel.Fortunately, the suitcase was left unharmed.But it could happen in another way: he could catch fire, and important documents, personal belongings, souvenirs would be possible to say goodbye.And who would have to answer for it?And after the fire at the station - this is not the only trouble that can occur with travelers.It is this thought came the moment Engel.He thought, "It would be nice, so that people have the opportunity to insure your luggage."These arguments Engel shared with his friend, the head of the Munich Reinsurance Company, Carl von Thieme.The result was the opening of 9 May 1907 the European Joint Stock Company baggage insurance.It took more than a hundred years since then, however, the company "European Travel Insurance" continues to take care of travelers and considers it a priority.

Types of insurance offered by the ETC

company "European Travel Insurance" is different from other insurance companies in a wide range of services offered to tourists, among which each traveler can find what best suits their needs, ranging from insurance policies and ending guaranteeingassistance in case of terrorist attack.

Tourists can take advantage of the insurance of both short and long trips.Within the framework of short-term travel insurance programs operate OPTIMA, «Standard Plus" and "Sport risk."With regard to the long-term travel insurance company "European Travel Insurance" offers tourists the program "Multi-Trip" and not less known program "Business Trip".

duration of the program "Business Trip" is one year.Tourist can travel any number of times, but during a trip should not exceed 91 days.The problem with a restriction on duration of the trip is no longer itself, if a tourist will prefer the program "Multi Trip."In this case, the client insurance company "ETS" it is possible to independently determine the length of stay in a foreign country.

ETC: customer reviews

Like any other company, people at various forums and discuss the "European Travel Insurance".Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.Satisfied customers do not get tired to thank the insurance company "ETS" for the high level of service, liberal prices for the services offered, as well as for the timely assistance and the full implementation of their obligations when the insured event occurs.

The official website of insurance company "ETS" contains complete information about the company.