Was the love life of Pechorin?

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When you get acquainted with the plot works "Hero of Our Time", quite involuntarily stop their attention on the psychological portrait of the protagonist Grigory Pechorin.After all, it is uncommon, it is very complex and multi-faceted personality of the XIX century.I think that it is the author himself, his vision of the world, the relationship of friendship and love.

What is love in the life of Pechorin?The writing on this subject, you can start with the fact that love as a great sense of always wondered and attracted the author.Therefore, in this work, it is present in almost every single story.

Love in the life of Pechorin.The writing."Bela┬╗

love looking each person, and the main character is also looking for her.But it turns out, is not so important in my life was the love of Pechorin.The writing on this subject can build on the analysis of its relationship with the women with whom he had to meet.We need to understand why he was so cruel and indifferent to it, instead of love they have received nothing but suffering and pain.

first strong love affair took place in the chapter "Bella", a young and impetuous Petchorin saw at the wedding is still quite young Circassian.She immediately captivated his thoughts and heart.Pechorin was literally overwhelmed by her rare oriental beauty.Bela was very different from the usual range of whimsical ladies secular surrounding Pechorin.She drew him by her spontaneity, naturalness and simplicity.And then he stole it from a wealthy family of the prince, and then long sought recognition of her gifts, considerate and gentle attitude.But after receiving reciprocal feelings simple-hearted girl, Pechorin very quickly lost all interest in her.

proud beauty has realized all their absurd position and soon died from his indifference.Love in the life of Pechorin in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" always somewhere to disappear without affecting the subtle notes of his nervous, vulnerable and somewhat insensitive soul.


Next love story will develop in the chapter "Princess Mary".Here we find a very different type of woman.Capricious, spoiled and unapproachable Princess Mary that attracts Pechorin.At first it seems that it is empty, that it has more secular pride and bombast than ordinary human naturalness.And then he begins to hunt for it, like the cat a mouse.As a result, Mary opened Pechorin its deep and rich inner world, before it broke my pride and confessed his feelings.Previously, such an act in the society considered from the hands of the ordinary.Pechorin could subdue this proud girl, he calms all its passions and desires and goes back down.

Mary, insults and humiliation, withdraws into himself and condemns himself to suffering.It was a brave and happy girl, which struggled irrepressible vitality, and suddenly, after all the unexpected events and revelations Pechorin her boyfriend Grushnitsky, it turned into a miserable shadow.

Everywhere Pechorin appears as insensitive and heartless egoist who does what does not put other people's feelings.He understands that the fate of people destroys itself from that miserable, but can not do anything about it.That's what love is manifested in the life of Pechorin.Summary of the product does not end there.


In the story "Taman" Pechorin captivate mysterious adventure with the girl, similar to Ondine.Smugglers brought in his sad and boring life a little revival, and the story of the girl came in, just as a perfect complement.Love in the life of Pechorin in the novel "A Hero of Our Time" sometimes takes on the character of curiosity and carelessness, for which he almost lost his life.Blond Undine nearly sent him to the bottom of the sea.


however, were still the hero of strong feelings and affection for the girl Faith.It was some kind of unconscious love in the life of Pechorin.The writing on this topic should indicate that she is the only woman he could never cheat.His love brings her a lot of suffering, because she is a married woman.They had known for a long time, and their chance meeting again made them feel the irrepressible passion for each other.Faith changes to her husband.Love to Pechorin took many years.He just pooped her soul.

Late revived soul

Only when Pechorin lost her forever, he realized that he loved only one woman in the world.He was looking for that feeling all my life, but the realization came to him too late.Hero will tell about it, "Vera became dearer to me than anything in the world - more than life, honor, happiness!┬╗

It is in this episode, the hero Pechorin fully revealed.It turns out that he, too, knows how to love and suffer, not always cold and insensitive, calculating and cold-blooded.He begins to dream, the soul alive in him, he wants to make faith his wife and leave her somewhere far away.

Love life Pechorin.Writing Grade 9

All women who have faced Pechorin became his unwitting victims.Bela was killed by mountaineer Kazbich Vera died of consumption, Princess Mary, too, is doomed, as she had lost the confidence of the people.All they really loved it and were very sincere and dignified, when he rejected their love.And he Pechorin was not capable of deep feelings, so it does not get out of life what he wanted.Perhaps if he had learned to love, he would be happy.

not been able to play an important role in the love life of Pechorin.The writing (short) on this subject because this is said.He comprehended that feeling only when the lost loved one forever.