"White Nights".

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author of the work "White Nights", a summary of which will be described below, is an outstanding writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.His literary masterpieces are read throughout the world.

«White Nights."Summary works

first night

hero of being dreamers, but the real name we never learn.He lives in St. Petersburg for about 8 years, but still alone.Dreamer - a young educated man with a very romantic state of mind.Wandering around the city into one of the spring night, he accidentally meets a girl who leaned over the water and crying.Noticing him, she quickly leaves the place, and Dreamer continues to go for it.Summary of the "White Nights" will plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the work.

Following girl Dreamer starts to enjoy the approaching acquaintance.He saves her from a drunken man, and makes an appointment.For some reason she warns that it will not fall in love with her.

second night

comes the next day.Young man waiting for the upcoming visits, and that they are walking through the alleys and Dreamer tells her about himself.Nastya, so call girl, impressed by his story.She believes that you can not live alone and promises that will not leave him.

Later, from her story, he learns that lives with her blind grandmother.Once in the house Nastya and her grandmother lived a young tenant.He took out his interesting stories of Voltaire, Pushkin, invited the girl in the theater.And she knew she was in love, but the tenant began to avoid her and went to Moscow for a year.

Original works (and you can read a summary of the "White Nights"), Dostoevsky wrote in 1848.

turns out that year passed, and beloved for several days in the city.Dreamer offers to take the letter to the specified address.

third night

letter sent to the addressee.Nastya came much earlier than the appointed time for a meeting, she waited until the last moment, but the young man did not come.The girl in confusion.She says Dreamer: "Why does not he like you?" He calms young girl in love and promises to go to that person again.White Nights (summary of the novel described above) continue to give happiness to our hero.

fourth night

Nastya again waiting for its occupant, but it is not.Having lost all hope, she begins to cry.Here Dreamer admits his love for her, and she agrees to the marriage.There comes a time of parting, and the young man suddenly appears.Our hero watches them both happy, go away ...


morning he receives a letter in which it sees a familiar handwriting.She asks him for forgiveness, but he keeps her evil and wish her much happiness.

story "White Nights", a summary of which helps to know the peculiarities of the story was written in a romantic style.Mysterious image of St. Petersburg could not keep two disappointed in people's lives, but the white end of the night, and people flee.