Powerlifting - it's ... Find out what powerlifting

Powerlifting - a hard sport that requires grueling workouts, proper diet, readiness for personal injury and dedication.To raise such large scales need to have well-developed muscles of the legs, arms, back and chest.So the path from novice to master in this sport is not just about doing the three basic exercises.Comply still many minor.In this article we will talk about what a powerlifting.


As mentioned above, this sport revolves around three basic exercises.This mode of the bar, deadlifts and squats.In each of these exercises, the athlete must raise the most heavy weight, taking into account the technical requirements.

turns out that weightlifting - a power triathlon.By the way, in bodybuilding, this complex is also used.Only the focus goes to the muscle building.In powerlifting is extremely important power parameters.

training program is made so that the athlete is able to perform the exercise with the greatest possible weight 1-2 times.Rest between sets can be up to 10 minutes, because the body is subjected to excessive loads, and it takes time to recover.

Brief History of Sport "Powerlifting" began to take shape in the West in the mid-20th century.Just at this time to increase net athletes seeking to develop their power rates with the help of the bar.In the 60's we held the first competitions in powerlifting, and in 1972 was organized by the International Federation (IPF).A year later, the championship was held, which brought together athletes from around the world.

In our country, the development of the sport accounts for 70 years.But official powerlifting competitions were held only in the 80s.Then he received universal recognition.In 1990 it took place the entry of the USSR in IPF.


As mentioned above, powerlifting - is a sport that is conjugate with the risk of injury.Therefore, physical training is of paramount importance for the athlete.Neukreplёnnye joints and ligaments, poorly developed muscles make a person vulnerable to lifting heavy loads.Consequently, without special training and nutrition should forget about triathlon.

But with the right approach, the benefits are still there.It is as follows:

  • Increase immunity.
  • Strengthen tendons, bones and muscles.
  • normalization of appetite and sleep.
  • fit.
  • Strengthening heart.
  • Increase endurance.
  • normalization of the hormonal system.
  • Increased strength.

It should be noted that the benefits of powerlifting will occur only when properly prepared training program.It is necessary to take into account all the parameters of individual rights: gender, age, health status, and so on. D. The trainer is obliged to tell the novice athlete of the dangers of the sport, and if he did not change his mind to do, then properly prepare it to work with heavy weights.

harm if improperly powerlifting training can be hazardous to health.So, what it is harmful:

  • slipped disk and herniated discs.
  • serious injuries of joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.
  • heart problems.

Do not engage in this sport as a teenager.During this period the skeleton is growing rapidly, and large loads can cause irreversible developmental disorders of the spine.Also, the danger of excessive load on the cartilage.After their damage can not be restored.

Powerlifting and girls

For girls the sport - the ability to not only lose weight but also to tighten the muscles, to improve the shape and become stronger and more confident.Now it is very common myth that powerlifting (photos of athletes attached to the article) leading to hypertrophy of the muscles and makes the female figure masculine.In fact, the female body is very little testosterone, so build huge muscles is unlikely to succeed.

So it's just a false stereotype about powerlifting.Training in fact aimed not at building mass, and to work through the muscles in order to increase their strength.And if she does not use hormones and absorb kilograms of protein to acquire the steel muscles she did not come.What are the advantages of powerlifting for girls?Classes in this sport allow:

  • tightened figure.The body will acquire the relief of muscle and will become even more sexy and desirable for a strong half.
  • There are various goodies.During training burns a lot of calories, so you are unlikely to get better.
  • increase strength.This will help to perform household chores much easier.For example, move the sofa, if the husband is not at home.
  • Accelerate metabolism.In this case, from the used products will benefit more.And the skin is cleansed from the body.

Training for beginners

Beginners should start with the basic exercises that prepare the body for regular and heavy load.Engage need at least three months to see whether the power rates are growing and whether you even engage in this sport.

gradually to basic exercises need to connect more with a lot of repetitions.Otherwise, weak muscles can bring in competition.The most important thing in powerlifting - machinery exercise.It must be observed without fail when lifting any weights.That is what will give positive results and to minimize the likelihood of injury.


1. Bandages

need to protect the knee.They also help to get up at the squat.Help will depend on the exercise equipment and the type and quality of bandages.There are only three main producer of the outfit element: Marathon, Titan and Inzer.As for which of them is better, opinions diverge.There are both positive and negative feedback.Therefore, each athlete should pick up bandages individually.

2. Shoes

Beginners do not need to buy special shoes.However, when an athlete becomes a professional, that piece of equipment is of great importance.For example, a squat is better to buy special shoes.

As for the deadlift, the most important - is the distance from the bar to the knees.The higher it is, the easier it is to lift it.Therefore, I need shoes with as hard and thin sole (otherwise it will be difficult to keep your balance).At the moment, the best models are available company Adidas.They are the most comfortable and meet all of the rules of this sport like powerlifting.Photos of shoes can look at the specialized resources in the company directory, and so on.

3. Mike for the bench press

pretty important part of the equipment.It helps in such exercises as bench press.Powerlifting, as mentioned above, - traumatic sport.And this shirt helps insure.It is made of elastic fabric and very solidly stitched.Principle of operation - shrinks in the chest, helping to squeeze the bar.Dress it yourself simply unrealistic.We need at least one person.At the bench she adds about 15-25 kg.While some athletes can squeeze more weight without the help of T-shirts.So this is purely an individual matter.


Powerlifting - it is a sport, the motto is: "Eat right."The most ideal option - make your diet with a professional dietician.If this is not possible, then follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid drinking sweetened drinks and drink plenty of water.
  • excluded from the diet-products, sausages and any processed products.Eat only natural food.
  • Include vegetables in every meal.They are a storehouse of vitamins, fiber and contain antioxidants.
  • complex carbohydrates and fruits can be eaten at any time.If we are talking about products with a high glycemic index (cereals, pasta, etc.), Then it is better to eat after a workout.
  • Plan your diet for a week.Do workpiece.For snacks in the house should always be enough fruits and nuts.Well, for a full dinner will not prevent stock cereals and meat.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours.It will accelerate the metabolism and will get rid of excess fat.
  • in the daily diet must include healthy fats.This nuts, vegetable oils, fish.
  • Diversify your diet.Typically, proper nutrition leads to breakdowns, we're always looking for new recipes.

Conclusion Now that you know what powerlifting.Finally I want to warn you.Powerlifting will not do you any health (both fitness), or a lot of money (on the contrary, money will always go on food additives, equipment and so on. D.).So before you go into the sport, thoroughly think things through!