Highlights and background Old Russian state education

transition from tribal to feudal relations eventually led to the appearance of the first signs of a developed society on the territory of modern Russia.Educational Background of ancient states as follows:

- Strengthening princely power by the growing power of squads.
- Combining many of the major tribes under a single center.

Eastern Slavs and the formation of the ancient Russian state union of tribes associated glades, Drevlyane and other related tribes under the authority of Kiev.In the west, the center became Novgorod.In the IX century the first mention of the Old Russian state.

Tribes Drevlyane, Croats Tivertsy belong to the group, which was referred to as the Eastern Slavs.Education Old Russian state has begun after the unification of a large number of tribes under the authority of the Kievan princes.Krivichy Union, Slovenia, Dulebs led to the formation of the Novgorod principality.In 862 he was invited to the Principality of Rurik, from that moment and went to count the history of our country.

There are several theories about the origin of the Slavic states.The first of them - Norman.She argues that the Russian tribes invited himself in Norwegian rulers Prince Rurik.Archaeological excavations have confirmed the existence of traces in the history of the Varangian.That the Vikings created the first educational background Old Russian state.The most ardent supporters of the Norman theory - German historians Beyer and Miller.

According to the other theory antinormannskoy, educational background Old Russian state emerged with the coming to power Norman, and the Prussian prince.According to her, Rurik came from the Slavic tribe.The first deny Norman origin of the state was Mikhail Lomonosov.In the XIX and XX centuries, this theory has been supported by many historians.

Rurik actively engaged in resettlement and the strengthening of external borders of the new state.His successor, Prince Oleg Russia gathered in a single unit, which generated successful campaigns of his squad to Byzantium.Oleg very wisely ruled the country, assessing each step.During his reign, Russia has occupied a vast territory from Kiev to Novgorod forests.

nephew Oleg - Igor - could not eclipse the glory of his uncle.His desire to surpass the relative led to a crushing defeat of the Russian fleet at the Byzantine coasts.Prisoner with pechenegy Union has helped to put pressure on the Greeks again and forced to sign a peace treaty.Prince Igor was killed during an attempt to re-collect tribute from the tribe Drevlyane.Mother successor Svyatoslav - Olga - has changed her husband's office.She took revenge on the murderers of her husband brutally betrayed capital Drevlyane Iskorosten fire.The princess has significantly improved the system of collecting tribute, the first to adopt Christianity.Olga's son (Prince Svyatoslav) conquered tribe Vyatichi, he defeated the Volga Bulgars, and the North Caucasian tribes.At this time, even the strongest countries in the world looking for friendship with Russia.

Educational Background of ancient states were due to improved agriculture and commercial hunting in the northern areas.This led to the strengthening of the power of the princes and the establishment of inter-tribal relations.Thus, the scattered ancient Slavic tribes united in the state, which has become over time a superpower that listens to the opinion of the world.