Russia - a lawful state: de facto or de jure only

legal state is one in which there is a rule of law for all sectors of society.It human rights are protected by law, and the judicial branch is independent of the legislative and executive branches of government.The laws in this country are taken for the benefit of society as a whole and for each citizen.On the basis of these provisions, it is possible to assert that Russia - a legal state?Or such a status it has only a de jure?

Problems of formation of a lawful state in Russia there are already more than one century.Until 1861, in our country there was serfdom.The decree of Alexander II it was canceled.But the question is, whether it is abolished heritage or it dominates us so far.Legislation to protect the rights at the time of ordinary people, was not adopted.Since then, by and large, little has changed.

Trying to say that Russia - the state of law, or at least trying to become one, was made during the 1905 revolution.The State Duma under the pressure of the masses seem to even agree on the adoption of the Constitution, but soon the fairy tale, and business in Russia are made very slowly.The First World War and the subsequent revolution in this attempt to put a cross.The Bolsheviks had accepted the Constitution in 1918, but it was fixed by law dictatorship of the proletariat, and the rights of the citizen with its postulates differ.The law continued to be a declarative concept.Constitution changed several times, but the situation of human rights legislation and the attitude towards them changed.

talking about the fact that Russia - rule of law, after the collapse of the USSR and the 1993 putsch.Power again declared the desire to create a work for man Constitution and respect the rights of its citizens.At the same time, they signed the "Declaration on Human Rights" and the "Declaration on the Rights of the Child."It must be said that the government of Russia of the first half of the 90s with ease signed various pieces of legislation that have not been backed up financially, and many laws there was no mechanism for implementation.In this respect, we went to the new range.The legislative framework is not reinforced by additional stimulus, no execution algorithms.These are the probably the main problems of formation of the rule of law in Russia.

Currently, authorities are trying to prove to the citizens of the country and the international community that Russia - the state of law is not just de jure but also de facto.By and large, if you ask for such a purpose, and prove how Russia is a state of law, it is possible to find out empirically.After analyzing the situation at the moment, we can say one thing for sure.Today, the country is at a stage of development in which the balance may tip in either direction.There authorities (especially local government) is trying to prove to themselves and others that it will, and there is a law in the country, nothing has changed.There are citizens who have already proven the power structures that suschemstvuet law, which is one for all.And there's a huge segment of the population that adheres to neutrality (away from sin).So whether we live in a legal state, it depends on how we are going to abide by the law, and demand it from the branches of government.