The outbreak of war.

Great Northern War was fought between Sweden and a coalition of northern states.It lasted more than twenty years, in the period from 1700 to 1721 and ended with the defeat of Sweden.The main role in the victory belongs to Russia.This provided her military position among the leading European countries.

first year of the war

beginning of the war to Sweden went very well.She had a strong navy and a first-class army.Initially Sweden attacked their closest neighbors - Poland, Denmark, Russia.The troops were able to capture many of the earth, which caused a huge protest and discontent.All this has led to the fact that the offended neighbors, picking an opportune moment, formed an alliance against Sweden.It is believed that this is the beginning of the Northern War.The motives are very simple: to return former territory, while Russia wanted to win a square adjacent to the Baltic Sea.

Response allies

beginning of the war was supposed to read.Taking advantage of the young King Charles XII, the Allies were going to attack Sweden on three sides.But after learning about the dangers that threaten it, Karl XII decided to break the opponents one by one.As a result, the beginning of the war went very differently.Swedish squadron bombed Copenhagen and forced the army to surrender.It was the only ally Russia, which had a fleet, which greatly crippled the combined forces troops.

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Russia had to urgently do something.Its army, numbering 35 thousand people, began the siege of Narva.However, the November 20, 1700 Charles XII and his army inflicted a crushing blow.Russian troops suffered huge losses.This defeat seriously undermined the position of Russia in the international arena.

miscalculation Karl XII

Thus, the beginning of the war for the Allies was extremely unfavorable.Sweden too quickly written off from the accounts of Russia, believing that the only enemy in this war is the Rzeczpospolita.The failure is only tempered character of Peter.He began targeted training for battle.It builds fortifications, recruiting and training soldiers.

reliable ally in the struggle against Sweden for Russia became Saxony.Peter has actively supported the king.In gratitude, he promised to make available to the Saxon army twenty thousand and one hundred thousand rubles annually.

well prepared, the Allies began to fighting.The series of victories over Sweden.They were of great importance, since raising the morale and mood after the defeat at Narva.In addition, it has helped to contain the outbreak of civil war.

regularly replenishing troops and prepare for battle, Peter tried to improve relations with Sweden and offered a truce.However, Sweden is not willing to recognize that Russia won the right to access to the Baltic Sea.In addition to Russia wary of Britain and its allies.They, in turn, feared that in the event of war, Sweden intervene in the battle of the Spanish Succession and stand on the side of France.

a result of Northern war continued for many years and has claimed thousands of lives.Russia won a stunning victory.It not only regained previously lost territories, but also gained new ones.