Goddess Aphrodite, giving beauty, love and fertility

One of the most well known and respected on the Olympus is the goddess Aphrodite.She was born near the island of Cyprus from the snow-white sea foam, and sailed to the sacred at the time of Kythera island.In the wondrous beauty of the sink she got to the shore.

Goddess immediately surrounded the young goddess of the seasons, Ora, and dressed it in zlatotkanye clothes and a wreath of flowers.Wherever set foot Aphrodite, all it bloomed and the fragrance fills the air.

Aphrodite was not only the patron of love, but also the goddess of eternal spring, life and fertility.According to ancient legend, it always appears surrounded by his companions - nymphs, and Harith op.Also, it was accompanied by a dove.In Greek mythology, Aphrodite - the goddess of childbirth and marriage.

She had a gorgeous figure was beautiful and slender, her skin soft and white, his eyes deep as the sea, a marvelous light radiate warmth and love.She is tall, golden-haired, among all the gods of Olympus once isolated and chained to his views.The goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite seemed subjugated all the gods, only Athena, Artemis and Hestia are beyond its power.For the same who rejected love, it was just ruthless.

Aphrodite in the hearts of gods and mortals, birds and animals awakens love.When she steps on the ground behind her pairs march all the animals, the deer safely is near a predatory bear, and ferocious lions fall at the feet of the goddess, like playing kittens.Youth and beauty of the girls she gives blessing of a happy marriage.The gift of the goddess in gratitude before the wedding, the girl brought them also woven belts.

goddess Aphrodite brought into our world unearthly beauty and love, especially the sensual, but, alas, wrong.Therefore, she did not cope with the goddess Hero, guardian of the family ties.

noticed on Olympus Aphrodite excellent, all the gods immediately fell in love with her, but she chose as her husband Hephaestus, very ugly, lame god of fire and blacksmithing, the most skillful of all.

Windy Aphrodite often changed her husband.She deceives him with a handsome Ares - god of war.Seeing them as something woven into the arms of God of sun Helios Hephaestus told everything.

In a blind rage he forged a subtle, nearly invisible network, and fix it on their bed, and spread the rumor of his absence, and Ares immediately rushed to Aphrodite.But when the lovers find themselves on the bed, they immediately fell Network, pinning down their movement.Hephaestus was insulted, humiliated and terribly angry at Aphrodite.As a result, Poseidon - the god of the seas - yet managed to reconcile the couple.In the future, the goddess Aphrodite gave birth to Ares three children.

One of passionate and ardent admirers as it was Hermes, which Aphrodite, goddess of love, gave birth to a son, Hermaphrodite.He was handsome and well built.

salmacis nymph fell in love with him, but without reciprocity, and to stay together forever with your beloved, she persuaded the gods to join them together.Thus, according to the ancient myth, and there was the very first androgynous being.

most intense love Aphrodite was probably the handsome Adonis - the son of a great Mirra that the gods turned into a myrrh tree resin that provides beneficial.Adonis soon died of wounds in hunting, which caused wild boar.The drops of his blood began to blossom rose, and of the bitter tears of Aphrodite - anemones.According to another version, the death of Adonis - the result of the wrath of Ares, who was jealous of Aphrodite.