In some days you can not get pregnant and how to calculate them?

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course, every girl at least once interested in the question of what days fertilization is impossible and there is a general risk of becoming pregnant during a "critical" days.All of the above is an integral part of such a thing as the calendar method of contraception.What is it?It is used in cases where the woman does not want is to have children (although not highly reliable).

This method is considered to be one of the natural means by which you can avoid pregnancy.It opened its two specialist gynecology - Japanese Ogino and Austrian Klaus.

How do you determine which days you can not get pregnant using the calendar method of contraception?

should be noted that its meaning lies in the fact that fertilization occurs only for a few days after ovulation, that is when the egg leaves the ovary.This period is considered the most favorable for pregnancy.Other days conventionally referred to as "sterile."Gynecologists say they do not conceive a baby - easy enough, just need to abstain from intercourse in the "critical" days.

However, there are a number of ways to figure out which days you can not get pregnant.The first one provides that the five days before the menstrual cycle and for five days following its termination.The essence of the second method is as follows: we take into account the 14 days before the intended date of the menstrual period, this number must be subtracted and added eight days by the end of the above physiological effects of five days - all this period can be considered "dangerous".

must be emphasized that the risk of conceiving a child exists for women in the period of "red" days.That is why in deciding which days you can not get pregnant, the calendar method of contraception can not be considered an effective one hundred percent.

Are there other ways to calculate the "sterile" days?Yes, definitely.

fairly common method of calculation, in which days you can not get pregnant, it is considered the method of measurement of basal body temperature.Again it should be noted that its effectiveness is not always high.It should be through electronic or mercury thermometer to measure the temperature every day in the rectum.Moreover, this procedure is done in the morning, immediately after waking up.All thermometer necessarily fixed.If the temperature in the rectum is less than thirty-seven degrees centigrade, it suggests that the days when you can not get pregnant.However, this can not be considered an axiom, and, of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

The huge number of situations prior to ovulation, basal temperature is less than thirty-seven degrees Celsius.But it must be remembered that the sperm have a very high degree of vitality, whereby they can be active for several days.Therefore, not the fact that the physical proximity that occurred between partners, in particular, five days before the start time of ovulation can lead to conception.

dangerous days, to get pregnant that easily enough, you can identify and by means of special tests.The above method is considered reliable, but quite expensive.

And, of course, be guided by their own feelings.During ovulation, a woman feels pain in the abdomen, starting abundant vaginal discharge.It is clear evidence that the risk of pregnancy in this period is maximum.