Fishing in Murom: Features

not every city as lucky as Muromu.He stands on the bank of the Oka, and the inhabitants thereof are, anywhere without having to travel, swim, relax by the water, and most importantly - fishing!How many of them are happy and enjoy.

Fishing Murom on the Oka: description

Oka River carries the waters of Muromu for about 20 km - from south to north.Not everywhere can expect to catch, but some places - is even nothing.Especially good fishing in Murom, according to local, near the bridges in particular - near the floating bridge, which kicks off the hard road.Most commonly it occurs in late spring and continues until the first frost.Here are half a year and become "golden" time for fishermen.

more and better than others here get hooked roach.But it may please the fishing Murom on this bridge and silver bream, bream and even yazyu (the latter, however, is found today here it is very rare!).

«a horse" happy boat owners.They go to the Oka, as a rule, in two locations - near the pier on the right bank;and on the left - in the area of ​​macaroni factory.In suitable weather and a good bait can count on 5-6 kg of roach and ides.

bad fishing Murom happens at night, when the fine goes hunting for burbot.If the day is short, but the sun, you can already start at 8 pm, and it is time to turn off rods to five in the morning.In September and closer to the first frost often get hooked as big dace.

Fishing Murom on Staritsa

bayou called the old channel of the Oka and the city is another "trump" the place for fishing.Compared to Oka, it is even more advantageous because of Staritsa not attend court for a relaxed and poachers (and in general, people) - less.And the nature of pozhivopisnee.For example, on the island, which separates the old from the new channel, there is a beautiful pine forest.

Fishermen complain about the Staritsu spring or fall, have a great chance to catch pike and perch.And in the summer, and in winter cold peck good roach, bream and ide.In winter you can get even a trophy walleye.

Get to the "coolest" places Staritsy usually by train (get off at the junction Prioksky need 20 minutes walk).In the winter months, when the ice is, many people come here to walk straight along the Oka River.

Fishing in Murom district

But the city is the city.And the water is contaminated with stronger competitors and more ... So many avid anglers try to find a more gracious and secluded place.And their territory on the Murom district - more than enough!

This, for example, land-Voyutino Okshevo-Dmitriev mountain, located fifty kilometers from Murom.Beautiful and connoisseurs favorite fishing spot.

or the marina boardwalk, located 30 km from the city, if you climb down the river.Here, in the waters of the Oka inhabits large roach, reaching 800

Just five kilometers from the floating places to eat Demetrius Sloboda.From it to the river Big Cutro runs great, in terms of fishing site.

is difficult to list all the attractive places, which are especially numerous on the right bank of the Oka.But what Moore and fishing in the area - a popular pastime, it is a fact.Locals go fishing from the shore and from boats, in winter and summer, alone and whole families.Combining business with pleasure: vacation in the lap of nature under the murmur of water and fresh fish for lunch ... Is that something could be better?