Valery F. Bykovsky.

attitude to the past of our country from different people is ambiguous.But no matter how dispersed the opinion that the Soviet Union nurtured strong, talented, wonderful people, the heroes, not only of his time - an indisputable fact.Our country was the first to seriously engage in the direct study of the cosmos.Cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky, whose biography - a solid list of awards and achievements, a brilliant representative of the national cohort of great people.

Today Valery Fedorovich eighty, he is cheerful and friendly.With a smile and subtle hints of sadness is shared with the followers of their experience, knowledge and achievements.


August 2, 1934 in the family Bykovskaya child was born who was to become a famous astronaut.The family of the newborn at the time lived in Pavlovsky Posad.Father Fyodor - a former KGB officer, employee MEAs.His mother, Claudia Ivanovna, all the time devoted family and home.

Valery Fedorovich not the only child in the family, he has an older sister Marg

arita Fyodorovna (in marriage Mikheev).

child Bykovskii had to change two schools.First he attended school at the Soviet Embassy in Tehran, and since the seventh grade he studied in Moscow.

From childhood raved about the stars and the sky Valery Bykovsky.Cosmonaut began his stellar career with the fact that a young man entered the Moscow Aero Club.Then, successfully graduated from aviation school in the Penza region.He was then 19 years old.

Education and first experience

Bykovskii astronaut began his path from aerokuluba or "pervonachalki" before graduation.Exhausting workout in any weather, the first flying experience and adoption of the most important decisions in life - that's what gave him the Moscow Aero Club.Feature Valery Fedorovich contained the highest honors.Instructors also believed that this uchlet fly likes doing it safely and confidently, science knows with enthusiasm and takes the initiative.Leaving his first flying school, Bykovsky (astronaut in the near future) was determined to enroll in the school of fighter pilots.

Study in Kachin Military Aviation School, of course, was more complicated and serious.Practical exercises were held at a rapid pace, but Valery Fedorovich had time, he was very well liked and was given study.All characteristics Autograph only positive feedback: hardy, well-oriented, initiative.All estimates of the theory and practice - "excellent."


Through perseverance and hard work of the Bykovsky and quickly achieved success.Fairly quickly the senior lieutenant was transferred to the interceptor squadron.Valery Fedorovich recalls how the job aerial attacks, combat anxiety and notes how important it is to feel the people who are close to you, trust them.When, in part, he flew to MIG, I was 100 percent sure the plane, thanks to the efforts of its machinery Konkova.

Many years of experience and has gained good comrades during service Bykovskii future astronaut.His biography will be updated with more vivid and significant achievements for the country.Valery Fedorovich from childhood in sports: football, athletics, fencing.No less fascinated by his sports book.Vocational education and self-education, Valery Fedorovich perceived as one of the most important components in life, so happy to comprehend the different areas of knowledge.And in the Soviet Army in the circle of like-minded people, such as young, active, and motivated pilots, he continued to exercise and self-improvement.

Unearthly tests

Every Soviet boy dreamed of becoming a hero, serve the motherland, to conquer the peaks and explore the unknown, and no exception was Bykovsky.Cosmonaut in the shower and the pilot of his life, he decides to try his hand and sent by train to the dream.

first test, which ran Valery Fedorovich - medical commission.It is worth noting that the doctors conducting the selection and give approval to fly, very careful, rigorous, and insecure.If there is even the slightest deviation from the required parameters, access to flights not.The medical board pilots, astronauts, and even more so, are held regularly.The excitement and tension among doctors' offices is increasing.How many guys parted there with his dream!But Bykovskii passed the first stage with ease, only to the wishes of success and the doctors approving smile.

second stage - an imitation of the possible situations in space.To do this it was necessary to pass the tests on different simulators, installations in the chamber.Dissemble and deceive nature and the doctors could not be anyone.We select only the most powerful, durable and healthy.That was Bykovsky.But that was only the beginning of a difficult road.

Family cosmonauts in Star City

Star City Cosmonaut strict regime: sports, exercise, classes, exercise equipment, Medical.New staff was very friendly, hardworking and dedicated.Comrades Autograph elected deputy secretary of the Komsomol committee.Worries Valery Fedorovich significantly increased, but it makes his life more interesting and richer.A lot of friends and a good friend bought in those years Bykovsky.Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and others less well-known person to train with him in the Star.

One of the most challenging simulators for all future astronauts - a centrifuge.Her experienced overload capabilities of the human body, and Bykovsky showed her remarkable results.He quickly mastered the lessons and advice of coaches, doctors, therefore making significant progress.

One of the most interesting activities was perhaps stay in weightlessness.A most unusual, he believed Valery Bykovsky (cosmonaut) - to develop the habit of being alone.The isolation chamber the size of a half square meters, where, apart from instruments and chair were the only food and books, he had to experience what awaits him in space.It worked, sang, declared poetry, reading books, building the table.Over three days lasted his first predkosmicheskoe loneliness.Bykovsky was the first who was in the isolation chamber.


his first spacewalk Valery Fedorvovich made on merchant ships "Vostok-5".Almost five days spent in space commander Bykovsky in 1963.The second flight, on board the "Soyuz-21" in 1976, where he also was the commander, took even more time - 189 hours.The third flight, on board the "Soyuz-31" in 1978, the duration was the same.

20 days 17 hours, a total of three flight was not on planet Earth Cosmonaut Bykovsky.Photo by Valery Fedorovich adorn the newspapers, Honorary Board of the Soviet Union.Every kid wanted to be like him.And he still has not tired of repeating his father's words: "Work - rod, which keeps everything in a person."