Accession of the Romanov dynasty - the beginning of a long journey

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Accession of the Romanov dynasty on the Russian throne took place in a very difficult time.In the context of the Polish intervention boyars began to reflect on the election of a new king of eagles acumen that can restore order in the country and expel foreigners.However, it was important to preserve the continuity of the throne, placing him a representative of the royal dynasty.

After much gossip and discussions have been put forward several candidates, including Vladislav - the heir to the Polish throne, Carl Philip - Swedish Prince Mikhail Fedorovich - the representative of the Romanovs.Zemsky Sobor decided that no foreigner should rule the country, and made a choice in favor of Romanov, sending messengers to him with the invitation, as happened accession of the Romanov dynasty.Start year reign of the new king was a turning point for the state.Immediately after the coronation, held in 1613, Mikhail Fedorovich actively took up the affairs of state.

reign of Mikhail Romanov was marked by positive changes within the state.A lot of time the king gave foreign policy, strengthening the authority of the state abroad.

important to note that the accession of the Romanov dynasty, and helped strengthen the influence of the Orthodox Church in state affairs.Father of the king was a monk Filaret.These developments, together with the election of Michael's reign, found him in Poland, where he was a prisoner.Upon returning to his homeland of Patriarch Filaret he was ordained and began to actively intervene in public affairs, in fact, having full authority.

Accession of the Romanov dynasty led to the activation of foreign policy.This trend has become the priority.Since 1616 negotiations with Sweden and Poland, ended with the signing of peace between the countries.Under the terms of agreements with Russia withdrew extensive Novgorod land and Polish troops withdrawn.All began to represent a great threat to the south-eastern border of the state Nagayskaya horde.Although the detainee world Nagaitsev and then attacked the border land, plundering and devastating them.The king intended to unite under his hand all the Russian land reclaimed from the Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and West Russian lands.The beginning of active operations was an attempt to take Smolensk, launched in 1632.

Despite the fact that the war was lost, Poland still had to leave the idea of ​​accession to the Russian throne, the prince.Michael tried to achieve recognition of the state.To this end, there have been several attempts to conclude dynastic marriage with the royal birth of European countries.They were unsuccessful.

Accession of the Romanov dynasty on the Russian throne was the beginning of the economic recovery of the state.Devastated during the years of intervention, and the arbitrariness of royal towns and villages began to revive.

In gratitude, Mikhail decree secured the noble land of their birth.Since then they were handed down, along with the villages and were considered the property of a noble family.

Flare nationwide spontaneous popular revolt was brutally suppressed.Increased search term peasants who escaped from bondage.

order to protect the state from intrusion Michael tried to create an army, like the regular army.Ranks officers received representatives of the aristocracy, they also were troop training.Dragoons as a division of cavalry appeared at the end of the board.Their main task was to guard the borders.