The biggest sea

Man has always attracted the unknown.And the sea as part of this mysterious world were particularly alluring.As part of the oceans, they differ in size, depth, time and method of education, level of salinity, each has its own unique flora and fauna.

on the location of the sea are internal, marginal and inter-island.But geologists have divided them formed in places where large fault lay the earth's crust, and are located on the continental shelf that emerged when the waters of the oceans flooded outlying parts of the continent.

Scientists still have not come to a consensus on the amount of the seas in the world.And the reason for this is the question of what constitutes the sea.Does this concept of internal huge reservoirs, for example, the Caspian Sea and the Dead, or is it all the same lake?And what to do with a part of the ocean, which is limited only by currents?

What is the biggest sea and which is the smallest?What is the deepest, and which most shallow in the world?It always gives rise to millions of questions.

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biggest sea area is part of the Atlantic Ocean.His name -Sargassovo, and the area - about seven million square kilometers.There are distinctive features peculiar only to him, the biggest sea has no shores, and its boundaries are determined by the warm Gulf Stream, in addition, its waters are the most transparent and the surface is covered with kelp.

deepest sea in the world - Philippine.As an inter-island Pacific Ocean, it is located between the groups of Japanese and the Philippine Islands and the island of Taiwan.In view of the Mariana Trench, it (maximum) odinnadtsatikilometrovy depth has broken all records.But those scientists who believe that the sea must necessarily have a beach (and the Sargasso it has not), argue that the Philippine is not only the most profound, but also the biggest sea in the world.Its area is more than 5 million square kilometers.

followed by the Philippines in the ranking of the deep seas is Coral.It is located in the Pacific Ocean and washed by Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia.The maximum depth here - more than nine kilometers.A major distinguishing feature of the sea gave its name.Countless corals, hindering the movement of ships, a huge depth, and even high water temperatures reaching 28 degrees - that's what distinguishes the Coral Sea.Especially its making and species composition of the inhabitants: shellfish - more than three thousand kinds of various fish - two thousand species, echinoderms, including toxic, dangerous to humans, - three hundred species of sharks - in huge quantities.

But there is the greatest sea, the deepest since scientists have identified and smallest.In the ranking of the last place it took the Yellow Sea, which is like the smallest in size (416 square kilometers) and the smallest.It received its name from the color of the water.That yellow flows are to the sea and the Chinese river of the same color are dust storms, the strength of which is capable of even time to stop navigation.

As for the level of salinity, the biggest sea is not very salty.Then the palm went to the Red Sea.It is without external inflow of fresh river flows in many years, the most concentrated amount of salt in their waters.This made him not only the salty, but also one of the warmest with a stunning flora and fauna of their water world.

unlimited power of the sea, which gives us the means of survival and the ability generating element, destroy, always awakened in the human creativity.About sea tales were written, painted pictures, he was devoted to poetry.And the secrets of the seabed for many years to be the subject of study of the best scientists from all over the world.