Interesting birthday greeting woman man

Birthday - the most long-awaited and joyous holiday of the year!Birthdays and guests waiting for him with a special look.Fun, good company, great food - seems to have everything you need for a good celebration.But this is not true.Interesting birthday greetings complement the festive evening.Boring, hackneyed toast has long been tired.Make the holiday relatives flavor!

Create a mood

order for guests to catch a wave of positive already at the entrance to the room, do not forget to take care of its decor.Balloons, streamers, garlands perfectly uplifting and create a special atmosphere in a room or hall.It is not necessary to spend a fortune and book designers.You can choose to cheat a lot of balls, cut garlands of colorful paper.Interesting birthday greetings can be written on banners and place them on the table.Number of years lived better not to mention these slogans.Especially if the hero of the occasion - a girl.Funny labels will charge joy of all present:

  • health, happiness and good!You're just a bright star!
  • Miracle holiday - the anniversary!Feed guests soon!
  • You're beautiful and smart, like a fairy kind, modest.
  • We wish you many, many years, a basket of money and a moped.

Fashion photoshoot

small but pleasant surprise is necessary to prepare in advance.The room where the celebration will take place, can be decorated with flowers.You do not need to empty your wallet and a flower shop.It is enough to make a place for a photo.Construct a frame of thick wire in the form of an arch and decorate it with artificial or fresh flowers.Especially well this arch will look at nature.And if the event takes place in the winter, it will be even better.You can drape a beautiful rectangular cloth piece of the wall, decorate it with flowers, ribbons, strings of pearls.Against the background of this beauty take photos with all the guests, relatives, make the birthday girl feel like a model.You get a lot of impressions and a lot of shots for the family archive or social networks.Such interesting birthday greetings friend has never been done.

Music has connected us

without music and dance can not do any holiday.If the hero of the occasion - mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, gave her a beautiful song as a gift.It does not exactly impress even the most inveterate critic.You can arrange a small costume scene.Surely you know the favorite artist of the birthday girl.Ask someone from the guests to announce that the famous singer wants to personally congratulate "newborn".If there is a possibility and ability - redo the song so that it sounds the name of the birthday girl and the words meant exactly it!Be sure to pick the appropriate costume.Ridiculously obtained by artist and congratulator different sex.Interesting birthday greetings can give a woman guest dressed as a foreign artist.There need an interpreter.The singer will carry gibberish, and the translator will convey a warm congratulatory speech.At the end of giving a gift and a bouquet of flowers!

Poetry and Prose

Sometimes it is difficult to express their thoughts and feelings in words.But when it comes to words, spoken at the feast, you need to prepare in advance.Buy a nice big card and write down all their wishes in it.Presenting the gift, say these words, looking into the eyes of the birthday girl.After all, these moments are remembered for a lifetime.Interesting birthday greetings woman better memorize.But not all have a phenomenal memory.Therefore it is possible to make a collage or a wall newspaper and read their wishes:

Happy birthday!You're wonderful,

this day, as always,

Stand now with such a

a very long year!

Let there be peace at your feet,

Stores around you, God.

flit through life slowly,

You're just a light shower!

I wish you happiness, long,

to never know troubles.

Interesting birthday greetings can be arranged via courier.Get a surprise when the deliveryman of pizza or sushi box will present the birthday girl, from which it will be a long time to refuse to say that nothing has ordered.This box instead of food will be waiting for your congratulations to her!

Men interests

congratulate the man is not so simple.Too sentimental greeting is not suitable.We need to come up with something funny and unusual, but without digression.Almost all men are addicted to fishing.Give a birthday celebration at his pleasure.The store toys buy a set of fisherman (fishing pole and fish magnets).It is inexpensive, and will cool greeting.On small sheets of paper write all the qualities possessed hero of the occasion, twist them into a tube and seal clip.Place the tube in a basin or a large dish and invite a friend to celebrate a birthday on a fishing trip.Birthday boy fishing tackle catches a sheet and reads quality: the most intelligent, beautiful, charming and attractive, the best family man.When he will catch all the "fish", delivered a speech: "It's your best side that we see for many years.I want to wish you that next year these sheets has increased, but in any case did not disappear no! "Such interesting birthday greetings man very much.This amuse guests and showcase your creativity.

Holiday beloved

Birthday lover - a special date.To it is necessary to prepare thoroughly.If you plan to mark it together - this is the best solution.A piece of romance will not hurt anyone in this life.The main gift until later.Print your most beautiful photos together and write on the back of a declaration of love and congratulations.Neatly place your message in a bottle, it zakuporte and wrap in cellophane.In the bathroom, create a romantic atmosphere: foam, rose petals, floating candles - all this will give a special atmosphere.The bottle with the recognition of lower into the water.Invite your loved one to this paradise, even if he himself fished out of the fragrant foam your gift!Such touching and interesting birthday greetings to the man remembered for a long time.

Fairy message

If the company gathered at the festival is not too active, it's time to stir up public opinion.Prepare in advance is necessary.Use of interactive tales.Guests will plunge into the magical world of pleasure.Usually it involved in such tales, from 2 to 10 people.Author clear voice reading the story, not the usual course, and reworked and funny.Each character must perform those actions, which the author says.Record your favorite story in the drive, make a small attributes for each character.If you do not have time to search for matching accessories, just write the name of the character on the paper and attach to the clothes pin to each person involved.The birthday will be delighted by this action, and visitors to stir up and feel real actors.These are interesting, there are birthday greetings in prose, but not simple, but fabulous!

friendly team

to favorite colleagues you can arrange a surprise greeting.Agree with the staff beforehand, so that no one congratulated birthday.Pretend that you have forgotten about this momentous day.Marinate the hero for the day can be before dinner, or he will be offended and will lose a festive mood.If you can, lure him out of the room for an hour and decorate the office, prepare a small snack and, of course, the kind words.Get a surprise dream of every man.That is, for example, an interesting birthday greeting to a colleague:

favorite colleague, happy birthday!

Take you congratulations,

We wish good luck to the WHO and increase in the bargain.

new creative ideas, always open the door for you!

little more happiness and smiles to life no mistakes!

colleague, happy birthday!

Throughout your luck!

Have thousands of awards over the increase of salaries.

Be always successful in business and in a healthy, strong body.

Let increases your salary, you are for us - the best reward!

With you we see each other often,

colleagues because we - it's a fact,

You stay always the best,

work after burning in the hands!

This fun birthday greeting suit both novice and experienced workers.Do not forget to give a gift from the beloved team.After all, the words need to be backed business.


order to surprise and please the loved ones need a little imagination and effort.After mournful toasts and standard gifts have not in vogue.Based on hobbies, occupation birthday girl come up with a small script holiday.Costume sketches are always a great success.Especially if the birthday girl has no idea that it offers such interesting birthday greetings.Dress up guests at wide long skirts, scarves, and burst into the house of the culprit celebration cheerful camp.Congratulations on a prediction of the old gypsy with a pipe in his mouth delight and surprise.Log in to the image quite easy, especially if the only people close to the company.Let gypsy predict all dream about a man who addressed greetings.

Full fly away

With girlfriend to celebrate the birthday of the most fun.To what these family gatherings, go to the most fashionable nightlife or a nice cafe.The relaxed atmosphere, dance, music - that's what you need for a perfect holiday!Interesting birthday greetings friend can be presented directly to the club.Make it your favorite song, and go to the dance floor.While you are dancing, the waiter put on the table, your gift and flowers!And when you return, say the kind and sincere words about how much you value your friendship:

Let your eyes be filled with happiness,

and the desire will be fulfilled.

veselushka, always laughing,

You're beautiful and graceful.

Stand now with such a,

you, friend, forever.

Thee I treasure,

And without hesitation I say:

«I like a sister love you,

want - and Tram buy!»

Everyone loves to receive interesting congratulations in versehappy Birthday.Try to lay down a few lines for a loved one.After these words any more gifts!They are sincere and kind.Not all poets, but you can get a real masterpiece.

sure to give a holiday to your loved ones.Make it bright and memorable.Select the fun birthday greeting that is right for your birthday!