What is the interpersonal relationships?

hard to imagine a modern society without interpersonal relationships.We spend all my life in communion: with a morning wake-up to bedtime.Internet, phone, letters - all of this means of communication, without which a person simply can not do without.The individual is arranged in such a way that if it is not someone to chat, then after a short time just goes crazy.So, what is interpersonal relationships?This is our air is something without which we simply can not live.


If you understand what the term denotes, the psychologists define it as a certain set of interactions that occur between the people and in most cases accompanied by emotional experiences.In some ways, the person transfers to another state of his inner world.

Types and forms

When it comes to what is interpersonal relationships, it is possible to identify the main types and forms of communication.It may be non-verbal communication, gestures and body movements, the appearance of the person speaking and more.


  • cognitive component.It includes such features of human relations, as some forms of cognition - memory, perception, imagination, thinking.Each individual component can reveal a person to recognize his personality, especially psychologically.To achieve mutual understanding can be only if you understand the psychological portrait of the individual, which are going to come into contact.
  • emotional component.This is nothing like the experience that we experience during intercourse with someone.Do not forget that they can be not only positive, but also negative.An excellent example is the diagnosis of interpersonal relationships between men and women, who are a couple.They quarrel, make up, sometimes feel sympathy for each other, and sometimes even antipathy.Also, the emotional component of empathy means.This sense of empathy to someone.
  • behavioral component.This speech, facial expressions.It is this component is the main regulator of interpersonal relationships.

formation of connections between people

development of interpersonal relations can only occur if a specific individual can establish contact with another person.In other words, find a common language.To this end, there should be no selfish intentions in communication must be available and the ease of understanding, emotional attraction.

Interpersonal relations people always strive to achieve credibility.After that relationship deepens, eventually lost the psychological barrier.However, there is a difference between trust and gullibility.Trust deserve a long time, but gullible people believe another word for it, despite the possible pitfalls and disappointments.

techniques of interpersonal relationships

Content criteria determined by how close partner from a psychological point of view, are they or someone dominates familiarity.

  • Target.Relationships of this type are formed when people are united by a definite purpose.For example, the primary type - this is when the connection is formed by itself and the secondary - one person talking to another because he had to (Head - slave).
  • character.By the nature of the relationship can be divided into formal and informal.Formal - are those that are based on the rules and laws.Informal not limited by the official framework.
  • joint activities.This business relationships that are formed on the job.In the foreground is a joint activity, and only then - personal sympathy and trust.

rational and emotional relationship

What rational interpersonal relationships and how they differ from the emotional?In fact, everything is very simple.

In the first case, the person is guided by calculation, reason and logic.Trying to do the right thing and not to spoil the contact with another individual.An example in this situation can serve as a superior and subordinate relationship.The effectiveness of joint activities will depend on how they work, how correctly to build a relationship with each other.

Regarding the emotional relationship, then there is a man guided by his feelings, forgetting that there is an objective opinion.This form can bring both joy and positive emotions and depression, frustration.Couples is the best suited to this category.Sometimes we make rash acts, guided by their emotions and completely forget about the consequences.


Diagnosis Diagnosis of interpersonal relationships - is a science that aims to study the human, open it, based on the basic psychological knowledge.Moreover, using this technique, you can get in touch with yourself.It has the perfect "me" and "I", which in itself it does not like.Having made such a table for yourself, you can understand how well get along with yourself.After all, if you can not reach an understanding with his personality, then do it with other people is simply impossible.

How to make contact with people: tips

As you know, relations between people are built on trust, which is not so easy to achieve.Here are some useful tips that will help you to open up a little bit, but it will speed up the process of establishing contact with others.

  • If you could not tie to someone talking, never look the problem in the other person, get it first in itself.Are you sure you are familiar with his personality?Achieve inner harmony with yourself.
  • Make a psychological portrait of the person with whom you want to deal with.You should be aware of its characteristics to understand what to focus on.
  • Show your interest in the other person.Perhaps you will find some common ground.A common interest is always easier to communicate.
  • Pay attention to interpersonal relationships of children: they definitely have a lot to learn.Easy, worry-free, honest.
  • Remember the cardinal rule: you will never be able to gain the trust of man, if you have an ax to grind.Even if that person does not know what your intentions are, you'll be on a subconscious level to give yourself.The individual feels that he is not interested in you, and will never be trusted.

Love and friendship

Sometimes interpersonal relationships arise spontaneously, but sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to build them.Take the example of love and friendship.How does the love?You see a man and start to feel sympathy for him, if the affection is mutual, you are tied relationship.Maybe you do not trust each other to the end, but still share their emotional experiences.

relationship between man and woman are able to give an insane happiness or, conversely, to make partner unhappy.The main reason for this is the idealization of each other.When the reality is different than our concepts, we experience a rude awakening.

Another common cause of problems in romantic relationships: women are usually very emotional, while men, on the contrary, are trying to distance themselves.They do not like to show their feelings and prefer to keep a safe distance, as trying to avoid dependence.

In any case, any relationship - a lot of work.When partners make efforts possible to overcome any differences.Relationships with the opposite sex - the best breeding ground for personal development.They allow you to uncover the greatest strengths of the individual.

Now a little about friendship.The relationship between the partners appear gradually.You meet a man start to communicate with him.Trust here there is not at once.For this reason, true friendship - it's a great value.A man who knows and understands you will not need to be clarified, he can read in your eyes about the internal state.

Now you know what the interpersonal relationships and what they are based.To establish contact with its own "self", while understanding the people around them will become much easier.