Investment coins - domestic and foreign

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earned some money, many are thinking about how not to lose them, and multiply.Someone keeps house stack of currency, someone buys securities or deposits opens.But there is a certain group of people who are interested in investment coins.

Banknotes of the plan contain precious metals and issued, as a rule, to a specific event.Therefore represent valuable as due to the content of silver (gold), and in connection with a specific component of the collector.

investment coins, which you can buy in our country, may be issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or foreign issuers.For example, today you can buy a dollar of Tuvalu with the image of a white shark, released by Australia.It contains 31 grams of silver has a diameter of 40.6 mm.Total of coins issued in 2000 pieces worldwide, increasing their value in the long term.Today, such an investment needs to spend about 3.7 thousand. Rubles.

several other cost is the Rwandan franc coin from the series "Zodiac", issued by Germany.It costs about 9,500 rubles and contains 93.3 grams of silver 999.The product is available gilding and diamonds weighing 0,002 grams each (4 pcs.).The total production amounted to 10 thousand. Pieces.

Bullion coins produced and the CIS countries.For example, Belarus Belarusian rubles silver released a total of 5,000 copies with the image of the proteins.Coin weighs 31.06 grams, 999 contains silver and crystal Svarovski red (eye proteins).Buy a cute little thing can be over 2.2 thousand. Rubles.Some advanced users purchase such items as a gift, which is a really valuable piece of art and a good investment.

If you have 2 500 000 rubles, you can afford the investment gold coins, weighing 1,000 grams.This issue has made remarkable state of Liberia, releasing the product "Paul" and "The Apostle Peter."And among the Russian specimens can be found quite acceptable at the price of copies.Including:

- coin 50 rubles."George", weighing about 7.8 grams, 999 samples of 15950 rubles;

- coin 25 rubles."Zodiac", weight 3.11 grams, 999 rubles for 6300 .;

- coins of 50 rubles."Sochi 2014", weighing about 7.8 grams (the current price of 19950 rubles.);

Bullion coins are of great value, so you should promptly to reflect on the conditions of storage, and possibly about insurance.If you do not have the capacity to provide security, it is better to open "metal accounts", to which purchase a certain amount of precious metals in a virtual form.In this case, the investment component of the collection, of course, lost.

sale of investment coins made by large banks (Sberbank, and others.).They can redeem some instances back at set prices, which may be lower than the sale price.Therefore, investing in coins and precious metals funds, which are intended to ensure the life, is not recommended asyou can lose on the difference in rates, if we have to urgently take the coin back.The rest of these investments are nearly ideal in the long run.