Pygmy marmosets: gentle and lovely smallest monkey in the world

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smallest monkey in the world does not exceed in size a normal protein.There are monkeys ... the magnitude of a mouse!Pygmy marmosets are common in forest South and Central America, from Panama to the south of Brazil.These funny monkeys are divided into two groups - marmozetki and tamarins.Representatives of each of the groups differ from each other in color and "jewelry" type antennae, tufted or grivok.


Most members of this group on the bobble ears are white with a whisk and dark yellowish shoots.There marmozetki completely naked with pink ears that during arousal monkeys are scarlet.


characteristic feature of these monkeys - antennae.It can be as easy fuzz on his upper lip, and almost hussar mustache.Long and quite bushy mustache has a so-called emperor tamarin.This dwarf monkey named in honor of the Emperor of Austria - Franz Joseph first.Its luxurious mustache composed whole legend.Also, the heads of some tamarins are decorated with interesting tufts.

Family and children

smallest monkey in the world - it's a family thing.Marmozetki and tamarins as gibbons live with their entire families.The female bears offspring almost five months, after which, as a rule, gives birth to twins.During one of the young male looks after himself, everywhere dragging him along, passing a feeding mothers.I wonder what my father always takes care of the cub male and female - on the female cub.Two months later, his father becomes hard to tinker with his own offspring, then begin to help other family members.By six months calf becomes independent and do not require care.Like gibbons, monkeys grown with time banished from the family, so they created a new, his own family.

Grozny, but so nice

With its congeners the smallest monkey in the world communicates by means of a characteristic whistle.Seeing in the sky bird of prey, marmosets served an alarm that sounds like a warbling.If monkeys in danger of the approaching enemy, they start to scare him.Do marmosets is a very nice way: the monkey begins to press their ears to the head, frowns (down edge) and raises its fur.All this makes it quite formidable and terrible, but just in terms of their brethren.In fact, so it looks even nicer.

marmosets and people - what they have in common?

It's amazing, but the man and the smallest monkey in the world have much in common:

  • type of family group marmosets similar to human type, because they have the same way as we do, the head of the family - the father;
  • dwarf marmoset and man have the same number of teeth - 32 teeth;
  • marmosets we have the same number of chromosomes - 46.

Of course, it's only funny coincidence and nothing more!Looking into those lovely eyes, a tiny and sharp attractive face, we can not express my admiration of this funny monkey!Pygmy marmosets, like many other animals of the world (photos) - is an amazing creation of mother nature, which it is impossible not to feel warm feelings!Friends, love animals!