Natural gas - a resource-to-date

half a century ago the known oil reserves on the planet is almost twice the volume of explored natural gas.Today the situation is completely changed.Proven reserves of natural gas in its performance equaled the "black gold" and continue to increase rapidly.

By the end of the first decade of the XXI century has a total volume of proven gas resources in the world amounted to about 190 bln.cubic meters.At current rates of consumption of this amount will be enough for 60 years of mankind, no more.Then gas will disappear, as it relates to mineral resources, which resumed again in the bowels of the earth can not.While experts estimate the potential volume of natural gas is much higher, because in the world there is still a lot of hard deposits that are not fully investigated, and their stocks is not precisely defined.

Among the states largest known deposits of natural gas have:

  1. Russia.
  2. Iran.
  3. Qatar.
  4. Turkmenistan.
  5. Saudi Arabia.

Next in the ranking with a lot of potential gas resources are the Unit

ed Arab Emirates, United States, Algeria, Venezuela, Nigeria.

Natural gas Russia

The share of the Russian Federation accounts for about 24% of the world's resources of natural wealth, it is to them by far the most guaranteed among all countries of the world.The largest deposits are in its territory:

  1. Urengoy - 10.2 trillion.m3.
  2. Bovanenkovo ​​- 5.3 trillion.m3.
  3. Yamburgskoye - 5.2 trillion.m3.

There are other oil and gas basins, including on the shelf of the northern seas.The major share of deposits is concentrated in the Asian part of Russia.

Middle East

One of the richest regions of the world considered the Persian Gulf.There are not only huge deposits of oil and natural gas in large volumes.He reserves are allocated to countries such as Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia.Only in one field, the North and South Pars concentrated 28 trillion.cubic meters of gas.


largest owner of natural resources in the United States is the United States - proved reserves are 7.63 trillion.cubic meters.Moreover, in this country there are also deposits of shale gas.Large natural gas reserves are in Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.

Asian countries

few large fields located in Turkmenistan, among which Galkynsh with a volume of 21.2 trillion.m3.But there are others - Shatlyk, Dowletabat, Yashlar.Natural gas is extracted on a commercial scale in China, India, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Africa and Europe

main African reserves are concentrated in Nigeria and Algeria.The largest Algerian deposits - Hussey Rmeyl (2.6 trillion. M3), Salah (2.3 trillion. M3) and in amenas (2 trillion. M3).

There are several large gas-bearing basins in Europe.For example, Shebelinske in Ukraine troll in Norway, as well as in Hungary, the Netherlands, Albania and others.

Urgency resource

After oil the second most important resource for the energy sector - is, of course, natural gas, the price of whichterm will grow as the demand for it is growing.And we still have not once heard in the news reports on the above-mentioned countries and fields.