Deposits of foreign currency and their importance for the Russian economy

Regulations deposits of Russian banks perfectly reflects the situation has recently emerged in the global economy.According to the investment trends of the last time the amount of funds invested by compatriots in the national currency, is growing rapidly.This growth provides ruble deposits.Currency deposits, in turn, are less popular.Due to their inability to provide the necessary level of security accumulated capital investor, which is comparable to the difference in the percentage of deposits in national and foreign currency.Thus, heavy post-crisis situation in Europe, the aggressive foreign policy of the United States and a lower interest rate on deposits in euros or dollars allow the domestic currency to be the bearer of capital, by which the Russians would be willing to keep the savings.Therefore foreign currency deposits in banks today have come to occupy at least half of the deposit market.And as stated statistics ratio in this case is 65% to 35%.

currency deposits

From a strategic point of v

iew of the Russians is much more profitable to deal with the domestic currency and to keep it in the capital.Money today is not only a means of ensuring the process of sharing values ​​and debt obligations of issuers.And since this debt, the owners, it turns out, the creditors, who have foreign currency deposits. Interest on deposits in this case - it is rewarded for lent funds and banks - financial intermediaries that provide credit to the economy of the issuers of money.But is it worth the Russians to help the US or Europe, with a whole bunch of internal medicine of its own economy?The answer is only one - of course not!

Should I keep the capital in rubles?

However, the domestic monetary system for the new period of its existence has brought many surprises holders of ruble deposits.That, in turn, even the most patriotic compatriots forces, abandoning his own principles, to buy foreign currency.But now times have changed slightly.As we can see, the financial system of the world is shocked by the crisis.The US dollar is waiting for adoption of the budget and the next stage of the inclusion of printing machines, which may result in a default.The euro, in turn, is not the first suffers from the crisis.South of the European Union is rapidly impoverished and ruined.Russia, in turn, in this difficult economic situation keeps confidently, sells a lot of oil, gas and receives a steady income.The government of our country, while the leaders of other countries are drowning in debt and trim costs are constantly trying to implement ambitious, costly projects, and using the ruble deposits. currency deposits in this situation only help countries issuers of money, but not our great motherland.A default of the euro or the dollar today as likely as the fall of the ruble.But is it worth while to feed the economy of other countries, is not always a friendly mood towards our country, carrying out foreign currency deposits and in proportion to the effect on their standard of living?Every Russian can cope with this issue, to determine what form to preserve capital.