Neil Armstrong.

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human history Earthlings set foot on the surface of another celestial object six times, and each time the object became the only satellite of our planet - the moon.

In 1961, the agency responsible for civil space program of the United States (NASA), adopted a program of "Apollo", whose purpose was the implementation of a manned landing on the moon.While the United States could not allow that the first man on the moon was not an American and a citizen of any other country.After 8 years, the goal of the program was reached during the Apollo 11 mission (manned spacecraft series "Apollo") - landing astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin.Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface in the region of the Sea of ​​Tranquility.At that time he made a move that was destined to become an outstanding historical event.Himself astronaut ever gained the honorary title the first man on the moon.What qualities possessed this man, who became one of the leading figures in space exploration?Why for such a responsible mission was elected precisely Neil Armstrong?

Biography Neil Alden Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was born in 1930, July 5.His hometown is called Wapakoneta (Ohio).In school, Neil was an active member of the youth movement of the Boy Scouts of the United States.In the organization of all attainable rank he achieved the highest (Eagle Scout).Studies in high school Nile combined with studies in urban aviation school.The first pilot's license at the young cadet, Armstrong appeared before a driver's license.The next place was the Purdue University study, the result of training which began in 1955, acquired the academic degree of Bachelor of Science, related to the aircraft.Academic Master's Degree Neil Armstrong was in 1970, after the completed study at the University of Southern California.

first man on the Moon before the space preparation served in the naval forces of the United States, was a test pilot during the Korean War made sorties a fighter-bomber.To fly into space Neal began preparing in 1958 a group of pilots who were taught to administer the pilot rocketplane.Armstrong, however, did not meet the flights at altitudes below 50 miles, and he left the project.In 1962, after a competitive selection process she was enrolled in a group of NASA astronauts.In March 1966, Armstrong made his first spaceflight.Then he was appointed commander of the ship Demin-8 ".

One July day in 1969 became a special date in the biography of astronaut. July 20 lunar module with two pilots - commander of the ship Apollo11 ​​Neil Armstrong and crew member Buzz Aldrin - landed on the surfaceEarth satellite. Armstrong on the moon stayed a little less than a day, are outside the lander - 2 hours and 21 minutes.

After Neil Armstrong left NASA, he taught students of the University of Cincinnati.

25 August 2012 the greatest Americanhero, who made a truly invaluable contribution to the development of outer space, the first man on the moon, has died. The US Navy has a tradition of maritime waters bring ashes honor veterans. Also, was buried, and Neil Armstrong.