How many people can not sleep, do not eat or breathe?

Sleep, nutrition, breathing - all completely natural things that are essential for normal functioning of the human body.But sometimes it gets interesting: how many people can not sleep, or, for example, is not?After all, the possibility of the body have their own limits.

How many people can not sleep?

For a start it is worth noting that the normal healthy sleep is very important not only for the human psyche, but also for the normal functioning of the whole organism.At night, the work of all bodies slows down, thereby restoring.In addition, sleep - a period of the subconscious, when everything I saw, heard and thought of the day somehow classified.The subconscious is actively seeking answers to questions, making any conclusions from the information received, etc.

But how many people can not sleep?For a start it is worth noting that even if the individual does not sleep more than two days, the normal state of the organism can not be called as all organ systems, including the brain, work literally the limit.

first record set by Tony Wright in 1965, who managed to stay awake for 11 days.Of course, this was done intentionally, out of a desire to get into the Guinness Book of Records.Fortunately, after a few years, the Committee has excluded the category of a kind of "insomnia" from the list of records, not without reason, arguing that such experiments are too dangerous to live.Of course, history knows a lot of interesting facts.For example, Maureen Weston lasted 18.5 days without sleep, not while taking any drugs.There is also evidence of some special people who as a result of injury or death of clinical stopped sleeping at all, or at least their brains are not resting as accepted.There is even a genetic disease - familial insomnia syndrome, when people just can not sleep.But these are exceptions.Such feats beyond the power of ordinary, average person.

few nights without sleep can lead to irreversible changes in the body or even death.For example, on the second day there is an increase in hormone levels in the blood.Around the same time, slowly begin to break down neuronal connections in the cerebral cortex.Of course, a person does not notice.The only symptom - it is lethargy, feeling of intoxication, increased mental activity.Starting from 4-5 days, brain nerve cells are destroyed slowly, which is almost impossible to recover.

Usually, at this time a person begins to fall into the so-called rapid, superficial sleep phase.It may last only a few seconds, but this time the body is enough to somehow maintain livelihoods.But "fast" sleep is dangerous for the individual.The fact that it is out of control - the person is not even aware that he had fallen asleep for a moment.And if at this time you are driving a car?In short, the lack of sleep - a very dangerous condition.

How many people can not eat or drink?

Power - is another important part of our existence.Scientists believe that a normal, average person can live without food for two months on average (sometimes this figure reaches 8), but only if it is to consume plenty of fluids.

As for the drinking, the body can exist without revenue fluid no more than 5-7 days.After that comes the most difficult stage of dehydration leading to death.Death from hunger and thirst - it is a very difficult, painful and painful process.

How many people can not breathe?

Another interesting question.Now you know how many people can not sleep or eat.But as the body will last without air?Of course, consciously suspend your breath for any time, we can not - after 2-3 minutes comes into force the breathing reflex.So here we are considered the conditions in which air is absent.If insomnia, starvation, dehydration can last for months, here the account goes on a minute.On average, a person can be without oxygen for more than 5 minutes.Then begins the acute hypoxia of the brain, then the nerve tissue is irreversibly changed.There are even human return "from the world", a part of his brain is already damaged.