1C to the Association of Owners.

Currently, more and more people in Russia are organizing homeowners.HOA Automation accelerates many processes for the calculation of the rent and utilities, and also to exclude various failures and mistakes in the work of employees of the company.

program "1C: Enterprise 8. The Chairman of the HOA" allows passport registration in condominiums in automatic mode, as well as rely on the accrual basis of data on the occupants.

configuration 1c HOA helps solve the following problems:

- keeping property owners;

- keeping residential and non-residential fund;

- work with the expense of the owner;

- calculations and accruals;

- work with suppliers of various services;

- report generation and more.

program includes storing information on the characteristics of the buildings, such as the number of entrances, floors, types of areas and additional, individual features.Also available into account the characteristics of flats and offices: the floor area, number of rooms, type of property and its condition.

With 1c HOA ability to work effectively with the accounts.Users waiting for quick access to information located in a single window, and includes data:

- of homeowners who live in a particular apartment;

- on calculations for the previous and the current month;

- on calculations for a selected period of time;

- on the counters used in a particular account balance.

View all the necessary data can be greatly facilitated by setting different filters and selections.Work with accounts involves opening or closing accounts, and change their status.

1C HOA allows calculation, set preferences for different services and methods of their calculation.The methods of calculation are set on the basis of norms, the area apartment and the number of occupants to determine individual indicators for living in the first or last floors, as well as other individual characteristics.In addition, users of the program will be available to accounting and charging for parking and other special services, as well as the calculation of fines.

With this program, employees can count HOA accrual based incentives, subsidies and budgetary subsidies.It is also possible to make recalculations required as a result of short supply of services of temporary absence of the owners of apartments, poor service delivery or changes in tariffs.

site for condominiums will effectively interact with service providers, providing contract work and supplying the settlement with enterprises in automatic mode.In addition, reporting of accruals and debt in terms of the suppliers will also be available to users.

With the help of 1C for condominiums, will be much easier to make an estimate of the costs spent to close the account on the basis of this estimate and control its execution.Also features include records of tenants voting and its results.

Formation statements with this product 1C includes a compilation of financial accounts, statements and reports on personal accounts, cards statements, several types of receipts, certificates of privileges and grants, certificates of debts, reports on the change in the number of tenants and more.

HOA staff will be able to use the original plan, which provides accounting of material values, different services, cash expenses of the partnership, the reserve funds as well as funds allocated to subsidize public utilities services.

is also possible to create a personal account for each tenant, where he can get all the information about charges, tariffs and services.Work with debtors involves sending e-mail notification, as well as the publication of lists in a special section of the site.

Thus, opportunities for product 1C condominiums simplify the work of employees of the HOA, and provide all necessary information by the owners.

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