Software solution "1C" in the field Suse Linux.

Today, open source software is gaining popularity.It is created for integration with a variety of operating systems of computers, one of which is on Linux.In connection with this manufacturer of products "1C" has created a special solution for this operating system - 1C: Enterprise, is powered by SUSE Linux.

This program 1c basic version is suitable for interfacing with almost all currently existing operating systems, designed to allow easy migration to carry out the organization of the information field on the platform SUSE Linux.OS linux suse reviews which are mostly positive, very often used in modern factories, so creating specialized solutions for its platform was a joyous occasion for many of them.


There are several versions of the software solutions 1C: Enterprise for Environment SUSE Linux, each of which has a different feature set.For example, 1c 8 basic version of the program is designed in such a way as to maximize ease the installation and configuration of 1C: Enterprise server within the organization.

1C version 8 for SUSE Linux has a number of distinctive features, chief among which is to automate the setup and installation of the program, which greatly facilitates the work with her, even for non-professional users.In most cases, the organization is fairly standard setup program.All components necessary for the program are set automatically.

software package installation is a simple system that is easy to understand by any employee organization.1C: Enterprise for SUSE Linux can be installed easily to several workstations.

One of the advantages of this program is the ability to create backup copies of documents automatically.This will enable even in unexpected situations in the company not to lose the necessary and important information.

This program is designed to make the process more automated management of the organization.With it you can easily manage:

- financial assets of the enterprise;

- personnel structure of the enterprise;

- accountant of the enterprise;

- sales company;

- procurement enterprise;

- pricing policy of the enterprise;

- management personnel of the enterprise, etc.

Among the main features of the software solution can be distinguished:

- organization of the production process of the enterprise, including the integration of orders, registration of lists of orders for the production and suppliers, holding control execution of all works in the right amount on time, an analysis of the needs of clients in the production company;

- the fastest track of all expenses of the enterprise for a certain period of time.This process is characterized by a high degree of detail;

- reacting and with contractors;

- keeping tax returns in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- exercise all the functions of accounting and management.

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