Varieties of fish.

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People who do not eat fish, quite easy to distinguish.They may constantly complain of fatigue and malaise.It is no coincidence.After all, fish contains a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of the body.Replace the product in any other is impossible.

Properties fish and its palatability is largely dependent on the environment of its habitat.There are different species of fish.Some of them are used as food.Separately, you can select aquarium fish which are bred specifically for interior decoration.

What are aquarium fish?

Today the most common aquarium fish of the carp family considered.These include zebrafish, goldfish, barbs.They appreciated the small size, beautiful color, and low cost.Popular among experienced aquarists also enjoys family poeciliidae.Fish called guppies and platies Swordsman found in pet stores today are also quite common.

annually becoming more popular varieties of aquarium fish such as cichlids and Ancistrus.This exotic warm-water fish, which feature bright color and small size.Fish are quite intricate.They feel good only when the water temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Aquarium fish have long been adapted to life in captivity.They can perfectly reproduce and maintain the image data is the same as that of the neighbors.Despite this, the fish can live much longer if people recreate in aquarium the natural environment inherent in a particular subspecies.

Proper organization aquarium

person with no experience to pick their own fish in the aquarium is not desirable.The problem is that some species of fish can not get along with each other.Clarify what the fish will normally exist together, is an advisor to the pet store.In addition, some species can be demanding on the size of the reservoir and the environment.Cichlids, for example, can not survive long in a small aquarium.They require large amounts of oxygen.

considered most compatible fish of the same size.In one pond will not be able to get on the large and small livestock.For fish need different food.Frequent are also cases where larger fish in an aquarium eats small.There

aggressive aquarium fish types that can be contained only by yourself.In extreme cases they can settle with larger neighbors.It is not necessary to put one tank nimble and sedentary fish.The diversity of habitats in a home aquarium can be with small snails.

River fish

fish that live in the rivers, is a tremendous diversity.Freshwater species have a specific taste.Features of individual species of fish have long been studying the experienced fishermen.On the basis of information received has compiled a list of the most popular freshwater fish.

should separately identify the family of perch.The most common species is perch.This predatory fish living in the pack.It has an elongated body and a dark green color.Pike is a fairly big fish.In his family, he takes the first place.

Every experienced fisherman have no problem to distinguish the bass.This is a small, flattened on the sides of the fish with a hump on his back.Is distinguished by its orange fins and eyes.The perch is one of the most common in domestic waters.Fish simply adapts to any environmental conditions.

Speaking of river fish, can not think of a pike.It is a predatory species, which almost no one can compete for extravagance.Pike has an elongated body and a greenish color.Fish distinguished by a characteristic bright spots on the body.Fish has a huge mouth and sharp teeth.It feeds on fish for much of its small neighbors.


in freshwater lakes inhabited by almost all species of freshwater fish.Especially fond of small ponds carp.Fish prefer warm water and mild bottom.Often you can find carp in shallow water with lots of algae.Fish is very hardy.For her normal life of a large amount of oxygen is required.

Karas largely rests at the bottom of stagnant water.The flowing river fish is quite rare.

Marine fish

radically different properties and characteristics of marine fish.Nutritionists argue that this kind of water world has a lot more useful features.Saltwater fish are rich in protein and phosphorus, essential for proper digestion and good vision.

Pops enjoys this kind of marine life as dorado.The fish is still called the "sea carp."She has an unpleasant appearance.But the disadvantage is almost invisible against the backdrop of excellent taste.White meat has a unique taste.The advantage is also considered, and the absence of large amounts of bone.

huge benefits and excellent taste different varieties, such as marine fish, like flounder and capelin.The latter type is characterized by small size.He is especially popular among the owners of cats and dogs.Capelin has a low price, and therefore serves as an excellent animal feed.

Red fish

most useful for human health can call it a red fish.Grease it if it is the most valuable element.The product improves health, gives vitality and strengthens the immune system.

Not all varieties of red fish can be found on sale in local shops.The most popular are chum salmon, salmon, salmon and trout.Fish characterized by large size and unique color.

The simplest may be called pink.This fish is relatively small and its weight is less than two kilograms.Fish is different characteristic hump on the back and pink color of the flesh.

Species salmonids

salmon - it is not just a view, but a whole family.The fish has a fairly large size.Weight of certain sea creatures can reach 40 kg.Family salmon has high fat content.It is the high content of omega-3 fish makes popular and expensive.

fish species of the salmon family helps strengthen bones.Salmon in canned form, for example, can provide up to 30% of the adult daily requirement for calcium.Salmon is more usual in the northern seas.Fish is a fairly high-calorie.100 g salmon contained no less than 200 calories.

Sturgeon fish sturgeon family has more than 20 species.They live in fresh and salt waters in the northern hemisphere.All species of sturgeon are rich in vitamins and minerals.And the most popular type of fish is considered to be beluga, living in the basins of the Azov, Black and Caspian Seas.

Difference beluga is considered large.Some instances of a lifetime can grow to a length of 9 meters and a weight gain of 500 kg.Fish is longevity.Beluga may exist in the familiar environment of up to 100 years.

sturgeon living in the northern part of the Caspian Sea, is smaller.The weight of an adult can reach 120 kg.These fish species are considered to be the most costly.Caviar and meat are excellent quality.

paddlefish and sturgeon belongs to the family.The fish found in freshwater rivers and lakes of North America.The main difference between species is considered to be fast-paced growth.It is no coincidence paddlefish is considered ideal for breeding.The fish are grown in ponds at a constant temperature.This species has virtually no flake coating.Because of this waste in the manufacturing process no.With the rapid growth rate of the fish is able to reach an impressive size.Adult paddlefish can have a weight up to 90 kg.