How are installing the hood?

Air circulation is very important and responsible process in the life of every human being.It affects not only the efficiency of labor, but also human health, therefore drawing pay attention not only to the various enterprises and hazardous industries, but also in everyday life, by mounting it on the kitchen and bathroom.And in many homes structurally developed so that the installation of the kitchen hood is the main event, to establish ventelirovaniya whole apartment as a whole.Therefore, this process needs to be given increased attention.

Initially, you must purchase a hood.We should pay attention to its performance, dimensions and noise.Also pay attention to damage the main parts, and if these are detected, the device is exchanged.If you plan to install built-in hood, you should check with the seller how to install and verify the availability of all necessary mounting materials.

When purchasing a particular device, you need to consider the area that he would have to serve.If you plan to organize an integrated ventilation, you should buy a few extra fans which can be installed in a bathroom or closet.

typical installation drawing does not take much time, but requires good preparation and specific skills.Moreover, the preparatory process includes cleaning of ventilation shafts horizontal position and if there is an opportunity to clean the vertical shaft, it is also worth taking advantage of this.Because of their purity will depend on the quality of the device.

When installing the hood, the whole process is divided into two parts.The first involves the installation of the device directly, and additional fans.Moreover, it is produced in compliance with the regulations and safety standards.Since the work will have both electricity and power tools.

second process, which involves the installation of hoods, is to install additional devices and connecting hoses.Typically, in a standard package lacks a special connecting elements.This is due to the fact that the distance between the device and entering the mine ventilation is different, and the manufacturer may not be aware of all sizes.Therefore, these items must be purchased separately.

There are two basic types of connecting ventilation shafts.One of them is a special box made of galvanized sheet metal or the other type is represented by a corrugated pipe.

If installation takes place in the drawing room, where there is free access to the mine, it is best to use the box.It is less prone to clogging up and better breathable.If access to the ventilation shaft difficult or there are obstacles between it and the hood, it is best to use a corrugated tube.It will provide a shallow perimeter, and will not create any embarrassing sites for air flow.