How to use the epilator to effectively remove hairs

If you are wondering about how to properly use the epilator, then you have become its happy owner.Opinions on the usefulness of such a device are different: some prefer other methods of hair removal, considering them safer, while others still prefer it epilator.After all, there is an opinion that after his hair grow longer.Do you like this wonderful device, you can understand after a few times of use.

device for hair removal - a small electric machine with the action of an ordinary razor.Just draw your attention to the fact that the procedure for its use is very painful, and need to get used to it.On the other hand, if during the hair removal you do not feel pain - this may indicate that the device is of poor quality, it does not capture the hairs.So buying an epilator also be approached responsibly, trusting trusted manufacturers.Optional chase the expensive models, but more functional than the appliance will be better.

How to use the epilator

procedure does not begin to turn on the machine, as it might seem at first glance.I will say even more to prepare for its implementation is carried out in a few days.Approximately two days should be carried peeling of the treated area.You can use the body scrub or peeling attachment, if it comes to the epilator.Then you need to shave long hairs, and if they are very long, first cut with scissors, and then later to shave.Now we have to wait a couple of days, then you are ready for the procedure.

best if Epilator will be held in the evening.So your irritated skin can get rid of the redness overnight and will not be exposed to UV rays.

Evening option is good and that you can safely take a bath, which is also a must, because it can help the skin to steam, and the hairs will be removed more effectively.

To know how to use this appliance, should take into account the capabilities of your machine model.The fact that there is a road that can be successfully used during the bath, under water.A great option, especially for women with a high pain threshold.

So, if you have a standard "no water" epilator after bathing take a comfortable position and begin to remove the hairs.The device must be placed perpendicular to the skin and slowly begin to drive them against the growth of hair, iedown up.If the hairs are removed, we go on to the next section.

By the way, if you do not want to carry out the procedure slowly and endure pain, to carry out the skin epilator can be more quickly.But in this case may not all be removed hairs moreover, one and the same part have to handle several times.

Now you know how to use the epilator.Just want to note that after the removal of the hair skin should be lubricated with special caring agent that is used after each procedure.