As the sage helps when planning pregnancy

to conceive a child must be approached intelligently and seriously.But, unfortunately, not every girl for some reason can quickly become pregnant.Often the main cause - a hormone imbalance.Doctors decide the problem of such a plan with the help of drugs, but it is not always a positive result.That accounts for the poor women to seek solutions by resorting to alternative medicine.Phytotherapy than once saved from infertility and has established itself on the positive side.Even the doctors often recommend that when Salvia planning pregnancy.

This plant is known since Avicenna and, thanks to its healing properties, has won a good reputation.Many people call this plant a panacea for all diseases, life saver, and the grass of immortality.From the leaves of herbaceous plants prepare medicinal teas and tinctures, which has hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, expectorant and antimicrobial properties.It is in the leaves contain useful essential oils, organic acids, tannins, alkaloids, volatile.The combination of these substances does's most valuable real boon plant sage.

When planning pregnancy women need to use extracts from this plant.When receiving mineral concoctions normalize hormones, the menstrual cycle, stimulates the functionality of the ovaries increases the thickness of the endometrial tissue (one of the causes of infertility), increased libido, and finally comes the long-awaited pregnancy.In inflammatory processes of women's bodies is also recommended to drink a decoction of sage.

In the course of many years of studies have shown that sage has the same effect on the female body as estrogens.Lack of this hormone leads to infertility.The favorable result shows a sage when planning pregnancy.It is a real natural treasure.

Before you take, you need to donate blood to determine the level of hormones.In that case, if the index of estrogen will be increased, taking the healing sage categorically impossible.Otherwise, it can cause even greater violation of hormonal background, and conceive a child just will not work.And with a shortage of progesterone, and the normal function of the appendages reception sage will cause cysts.

How to take salvia at planning a pregnancy?Buy sage leaves in any pharmacy network, brew the infusion, as instructed, and start taking it after the end of menstruation.Approximately two weeks before the onset of ovulation.If you are taking hormones, you should consult with your doctor about the sage.The course of treatment lasts for more than 3 months, if necessary, it can be repeated until a month after the previous one.Sometimes this plant causes allergic reactions and discomfort, in such cases, herbal medicine should be discontinued and inform the attending specialist.

sage and chamomile to help expectant mothers get rid of colds and inflammatory diseases.In addition, camomile tea for the shortage of calcium, relieves irritability and eliminates toxicosis.Camomile same as salvia contains natural estrogens that help women in conception.