Russian character - a mystery

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That is the Russian character, what features are in it determine, initially written a lot of research - fiction and nonfiction.About the mysterious Russian soul debated the best minds of Russian and Western philosophy and literature for centuries.The same mouth Dmitry Karamazov, Dostoevsky asserted that the soul of every Russian man coexist two ideals - Madonna and sodomy.Time has proven full justice to his words and their relevance today.

So Russian character - what is it?And we will try to highlight some of its governing party.

qualitative characteristic

  • Domestic poets and writers such as Khomyakov, Aksakov, Tolstoy, Leskov, Nekrasov hallmark of man of the people believed collegiality.It has long been accepted in Russia, "the world" to solve many issues ranging from aid to impoverished villagers and ending with global problems.Naturally, this moral category was considered as an attribute of village life.And since Russia was originally an agrarian country and the bulk of the population were peasants, it is a rustic peasant personified the character of the Russian people.No wonder Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace" spiritual closeness to the people is determined by the value of all the characters.
  • the Cathedral is directly linked another trait peculiar to the people - religion.Belief in God, sincere, deep, nenanosnaya, and related peacefulness, humility, charity, enter the nature of the Russian people as an organic part of it.Examples include the legendary priest Habakkuk, Peter and Fevronia of Murom, Matrona Moscow and many other personalities.No wonder the saints and fools, wandering monks and pilgrims enjoyed great respect among the people and love.And although the official church of the people treated ironically and critically, samples of this piety can be considered as peculiarities of the Russian national character.
  • mysterious Russian soul to a greater extent than other nationalities, inherent self-sacrifice.Sonia Marmeladova as the personification of eternal sacrifice for the sake of neighbors, "while the world is" - this is the Russian character in its purest form, without any foreign matter.And if you remember the Great Patriotic War, the simplicity and the greatness of the feat of the soldiers, it is clear that neither the time nor the change of political system no control over the true value of that forever.
  • Oddly, but in the number of natural properties of man of the people included qualities such as stupidity, recklessness - on the one hand and a keen mind, a natural nous - on the other.The most famous and popular heroes of folk tales - Ivan the Fool Emelja so lazy and craftsman soldier had managed to cook soup from an ax yes porridge and embody these features of Russian national character.
  • heroism, courage, devotion to his ideals and the cause that serves, modesty, peace - it also can not be forgotten when it comes to the Russian people.The writer Alexei Tolstoy has a wonderful essay in which the Russian character is defined succinctly, deeply and figuratively - "human beauty."
  • However, the Russian people is ambivalent.No wonder Dostoevsky spoke of two ideals, struggling in his soul.And so, along with boundless kindness, sacrifice, he is capable of the same boundless cruelty."Russian riot" senseless, merciless, had warned more Pushkin, and then the civil war - horrible specimens of what people are capable of if their patience is exhausted if they are brought to the limit.
  • drunkenness and theft too, alas, primordially Russian quality.The jokes came Karamzin's famous phrase that is done at home.His laconic answer - "Steal!" - Says a lot.By the way, it is relevant today!


about Russian national character can talk a lot and for a long time.Love to the native land, to the "paternal graves", respect for ancestors and their memory - a Russian.But Ivana is not mindful of kinship, betrayed little home - also Russian.Whistleblowers willing to suffer for the idea prinebrёgshie material values ​​for the sake of spiritual - Russian.But Chichikov, and the ball and the like - the same Russian ...