What is a flash mob?

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The fact that a flash mob, we have learned recently.Literally translated, the word means "flash crowd".Participants of such shares are not getting the money, do not violate public order and avoid the light of the results of its activities in the media.True mobbers not pursue any political or promotional purposes.

Flashmob - is a sign of modern entertainments.It appears where the crowds are not something unusual.Shares flashmob - a kind of aesthetic quality to tolpoobrazovany that are familiar life are perceived in quite a depressed key.

understand what a flash mob is easier if there is a concrete example.This street-dance on the central square of the city or at the subway station where part of hurrying, it would seem, on the affairs of passers-by in a moment begins to dance with amazing synchronicity suddenly the music started at an easy and energizing dance.Such a dance flash mob might look very nice, and not just a surprise, but also aesthetically pleasing and perfectly cheer up others.

Flashmob is a pre-planned mass action.The organization of such a show is performed by means of the Internet, which allows a variety of potential participants to agree on a scenario flashmob, place and time of the meeting.Typically, the script is sent to a huge number of people who are free to both respond to the invitation, and ignore it.The main flash mob rule - consistent and synchronized actions.

Flashmob - a technology gathering crowd.It is rather the form of the planned action, because of its content today is called the word "smartmob."These concepts are mutually and individually virtually non-existent.

The history of flash mobs is shrouded in mystery.Exact name of the organizer of the first installation in a style known.However, in this context often sounds the name New Yorker - Bill.He succeeded after a series of failed attempts to collect the June 17, 2003 about 150 strangers to each other people who entered one of the supermarkets in Manhattan and asked to sell them for $ 10,000 "love rug for suburban commune."

most effective is to organize a flash mob through specialized sites.They may register any person, receive newsletters, announce their scripts, and so on. D.

What is a flashmob-script?This is an interesting idea and an unusual performance by the most simple movements that can be made without special training and rehearsals.As a result, realization planned for a few moments to be created another, alternative reality.For this important element of surprise, chance, when not immediately clear what is happening around and who was crazy - or everyone around you?

It is important to take into account when writing the script next.To think action should be such that the part of many people gave the correct effect that it did not look trite and silly.Everything must be done so that the uninitiated will automatically turn reflex - turn, pay attention to try to understand what is happening.We must be able to trigger the right emotions - surprise, shock and, as a consequence, involvement.

But even understood that a flash mob, you can not be able to organize their own or do not achieve the desired effect.As proven practice "blown away" can only be a representation in which the participants did not stand out from the crowd.Individuality is in this context are not welcome.It can only do harm, neutralize the expected effect.Incidentally, the shocking behavior of one person not only does not surprise anyone, but frankly to bore.When "going crazy" crowd (although it does not do anything absurd) - it certainly attracts attention.