Art of Ancient Greece: music and painting

Art of Ancient Greece evolved over a very long time period, which is why it is so interesting, unusual and multifaceted.All the ancient Greek culture is divided into five periods: Early Greece, Homeric period, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic.Early Period of Greece dates back to the third millennium BC and the Hellenistic period is completed in the first century BC.

worth studying Ancient Greek Art in all its forms, but especially interested in painting and music.

arts of ancient Greece studying, as a rule, surviving to the present day ceramic vases.After all, most of them artisans practiced in painting, drawing beautiful and very plausible picture.

Initially vase painted the simplest shapes - geometric (diamonds, squares, triangles, circles).Of them are different patterns.Over time, perfected the art of ancient Greece, artists behave more boldly experimented more and began to depict vases not only abstract shapes, but also of people, animals and landscapes.And if at first the real figure represents only with geometric, later first been pushed past.

Still later, people and animals began to be represented not just so, and in action.The most common theme for the paintings were myths, fragments of which the Greeks were trying to capture on their vases.

should also be said about the two styles of painting colors: black-figure and red-figure.Black-figure style meant the image black figures on a red background, and was the first.A Red-implying image red figures on a black background, came later.

in the classical period of ancient Greek art has included another type of painting - a monumental (frescoes and mosaics).

way, Greek artists were the first to open two innovations in painting: light and shade in the picture (this discovery belongs to a great artist Appolodoru of Athens) and his signature on a picture (it put the best artists at their best works).

No less interesting and musical art of ancient Greece.The word "Music" comes from the Greek word "muse" (patron of the arts), and is literally translated as "the art of music."It should be noted that in the understanding of Greek music was not an independent art, and a set of three other: just music, poetry and dance.And in turn - an indispensable component of the other arts.

So, the art of the theater was inconceivable without a choir, and a tragedy all stemmed from Dionysus song of praise (praises).The word "tragedy" means "goat song" - people who sang the praises, dressed in goatskin, mystical companions to emulate his god.Thus, the musical art of antiquity is one of the most significant.

But back yet to the music itself.By itself, the ancient Greek music is, as a rule, odnogolosyj vocals.The reason is quite simple: it defined the poetry, it can be said that the singer just sang his verses accompanying himself on any musical instrument (flute, lyre, "Pan Flute" Avlod, kifarodii).

In music, there was a sufficient number of genres.This hymns (songs of gods and goddesses), and folk songs.Among the latter were allocated peasant, wedding songs and laments.There

in Greek culture and choral songs - albeit in less than solo numbers.Among them - the elegy (originally - the plaintive songs performed by the flute, after - all evoke sad or melancholy music) and odes (songs of praise).